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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Gohtong Jaya... Ze Yuan Restaurant + Yik Kee Durian Delights

Went to Gohtong Jaya with parents recently, so that mummy can take a break from cooking our dinner and also to enjoy the cool breeze and slightly-fresher air.
Really did love the cool environment, a good escape from the super super hot city

Dinner @ Ze Yuan Restaurant
memang wanted to try their food after watching a food TV Show and also read several good reviews from blogs..
Just as what the reviews said,
the food here is actually quite tasty and also at an affordable price.

Cantonese Style Kuey Teow (滑蛋河)- RM6.00
"锅气" 超重!
super nice!! Have a very nice aroma of egg and the kuey teow was well cooked.
Not too soft, not too dry...
The sotong was kinda hard though. 

咸香金瓜 Pumpkin Slices with Salted Egg - RM15.00
I'm not a big fan of pumpkin but this dish made me fell in love with pumpkin now.
The pumpkin slices have a crunchy coat with slight taste of salted egg and chilies. 
The pumpkin itself is abit crunchy and sweet!
Really Love it! 

Tofu with Minced Chicken and Preserved Radish - RM12.00
The tofu is awesome!! Super soft, like taufufah...
The mince chicken is abit too salty, probably due to the preserved radish.
I would prefer just the tofu itself, that will be enough.  

Stir Fry Chinese Spinach (清炒苋菜) - RM6.00

Salt and Pepper Octopus Tentacles - RM12.00
 Love it!
Love the crunchy-ness of both the outer coat and the octopus itself!! The mild pepper taste really bring out the taste of octopus

Ze Yuan Seafood Restaurant
No.33, Jalan Jati 1
69000 Gohtong Jaya
Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Went to Awana Resort for a short walk
love the cool air over there!

Dessert time @ Yik Kee Restaurant
The durian desserts!!

Durian Ice Cream - RM2
super creamy, the ice cream kind of creamy, not the durian kind
but has a strong durian taste but not too over...
Love it

I tried the Durian Bomb (RM1.80 each) oso, 
but I "Da Pao" it, so before i took a photo I already ate it while I'm in the car LOL
it's quite nice!!
Love the crunchy's like the 芋角 crust..
the filling's texture is abit like real durian, but slightly smoother
super super rich taste of durian
you might think that there's real durian fruit inside

Restaurant Yik Kee
Jalan Jati 1,
Gohtong Jaya,
69000 Genting Highland

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