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Monday, August 13, 2012

San Terri Cottage @ Menara Hap Seng

Korean Class last friday
but dunno why our "sunsaengnim"(teacher) was so late(probably due to traffic jam) or maybe she didn't come at all
waited for one hour and she didn't appear, so we were told that the class is postponed
Knowing that my dad wont come and fetch me until 3pm
so walked around the place and passed by this small little cafe named San Terri Cottage
there was a display of beautiful cakes and I cant help but to stare at them *mouthwatering*
Then the ladyboss was there and saw me, she immediately asked what I want and offered me the Tea Set price (for 2pm - 4pm) even though it's only 1pm.
*Face lights up* coz I didn't bring enough cash, all I have is a RM10 note and loads of coins
so I was very sure that I can eat without going to the bank first...hehe
so yea, The Tea Set includes a Slice of Cake on display and a choice of coffee or tea for drink
So I made a funny decision that day, I had Green Tea Cake and English Breakfast Tea, that's so the real TEA SET right? :D

Anyways, The Tea Set costs RM10.90 nett, ngam ngam hou I can pay for it....

English Breakfast Tea by PickWick

Green Tea Cake which costs RM6.50 per piece
I remember the green tea cakes on display were rectangular in shape and smaller in size
so when the lady served this square block wan I was like woaaa....
Thanks ladyboss hehe...
anyways, the cake is good!
They probably used some high quality green tea powder which has a strong signature green tea scent and slight bitterness which I really like. 
There's red beans as well, which the sweet and crunchy taste serve as a balance to the slightly bitter green tea taste.The texture was soft and the cream was light.
It's really a big piece weih
I stopped eating not because I'm sick of it, it's just because I'm full!

Anyways, I enjoyed my cake and tea, and then I started taking out my theory books and started doing revision for tomorrow's exam.
The place was very quiet, the seats were comfortable as well.
plus there's a glass ceiling, so the sun comes in, writing and reading was easy with those natural lighting.
There's a collection of magazines there for you to read as well!

I checked out their website as well
They are known for selling delicious cakes and has other outlets in KL which all had good reviews from bloggers. 
They sell sandwiches and other western delights as well.

will definitely go there again...

anyways, there are outlets in major shopping malls in KL such as Pavillion, The Gardens and Hartamas Shopping Centre.

go to their website to see the list of outlets :

San Terri Cottage
1st Floor (Right beside the escalator)
Menara Hap Seng
Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur

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