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Monday, August 06, 2012

Hokkaido Cake from Berry's

I saw many people are talking about Hokkaido cake recently
I didn't really bother to know what is it and how it looks like
but the name Hokkaido still made the cake SOUND delicious lol
so went to Berry's with mom to buy some bread and realize they actually sell Hokkaido Cakes

at first sight, the cake does look cute
small and square and puffy...very kawaii neh

Hokkaido Cake
Pretty Box from Berry's @SS2 

Hokkaido Cakes in 3 Flavors
RM2.50 each
Top Left - Chocolate, Top-Right - Dragon Fruit
Bottom two are both Original flavor which is Red Bean. 
Basically it's sort of like a fluffy chiffon cake with cream inside the cake
thought it was gonna be very heavy...but NO

Totally Love it!
The texture of  both the cake and the cream is just awesome.
The cake is like fluffy and soft, not too sweet, while the cream has a light and smooth texture
put both together, it was like....super delicious
I like how the cream and cake just glides on your tongue without having a strong heavy taste. 
really awesome...
Personally I like the chocolate and original flavor
The chocolate cream is delicious! the original one, as u can see, there's red beans in the cream, which gives a crunchy kind of feeling...

priced at RM2.50, it's definitely awesome deal!
I just checked out other blog posts about other Hokkaido cakes, and most of them are slightly more expensive...
RT's pastry's priced at RM16.80 for 6 pcs
Their one might be delicious, but to me, this one is definitely worth it

Berry's sell all kinds of tasty bread and pastry at a very reasonable price
go there at night and you'll realize there's not much bread left on the shelf
anyways, Try their Egg Tarts and Mexican Bun!! Super delicious and tasty! 

Berry's Cake House
55 Jalan SS 2/64 
 SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, 

Go to Berry's Website to see the list of outlets

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