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Thursday, August 09, 2012

McCafe @ Bandar Utama

Coffee Time!!
Cousin came to my house last weekend, and she had assignments to do, while I have tonnes of theory work to complete. Was thinking of a place for both of us to complete our task, the first thought I had was "No More Starbucks" Not that I dislike, but I decided to cut down my expenses on Starbucks, coz afterall paying 13 bucks for a cup of coffee (and wi-fi) is not cheap!
So I remember seeing the McCafe ad buntings around Centrepoint area, so yeap, McCafe is the place :D

So the McCafe was just a little small counter opposite to the normal McD counters
they sell hot and cold drinks, both coffee and tea at a much lower price
and there's cake and muffins too
but the price is pretty similar to Starbucks
anyways, we ordered our drinks and went up to 1st Floor
starting to settle our stuffs, bring out laptop, look for power source
then sadly, they switched off the power, because there will be a bday party in the afternoon
me being a bit angry edi, cousin went downstairs and there was no power source at all
then macam mana? bought our drinks edi but cannot use their power plug
I'm a bit disappointed lorr...
they should've written a notice at the foot of the staircase so at least we know we cant go up or use their power...and then downstairs how come no power source at all???? I always thought that McD is the "meeting" place for youngsters LOL

haiz so lesson learned, just go in first thing, storm upstairs and try the power source first before you order anything!!!
so yea, no choice had to finish our drink at top speed and find another place...

Cappuccino (L) at RM6.50
Love the thick layer of foam on top
taste quite good, only a little bit of sugar needed

cousin's Earl Grey Tea - RM5.50
which is like DIY
comes with a small jug of hot water and Dilmah tea bag
enough for two rounds i think...

In conclusion, McCafe is a very good place for affordable coffee experience
If you just want to sit back and relax or maybe yumcha with your friend but don't wanna burn your wallet, this is the place to go. You can get a small size cappuccino at RM4.50 only.
Centrepoint's McD is one of the best McD's in PJ, with two floors and a much calmer and cozier environment, it's great that they started McCafe here.

@ Mcdonalds Centrepoint
No. 5 Lebuh Bandar Utama
PJU 6, Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

There' two more McCafe at Kota Damansara and Titiwangsa Branch
go to McD's Website : 

Guess where we went to after that?
yes, we're not creative at all, saw Starbucks @ Centrepoint, then just walked in
Problem solved

My Hot Choco (I had enough caffeine from the cappuccino hehe)
I like the mug they use...
pure white with embossed logo
is it like new mug or only the centrepoint branch has this?

Okay, 2 more days to exam

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