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Monday, August 27, 2012

Raya Holidays Part One

weee like finally, the real holidays that I've been waiting for
Thanks to someone's birthday haha, I get to tag along with her family to visit several places...
throughout the week, I visited 4 states in total weeee
anyways here's part one, which was at selangor-pahang-n9 area
Yes it's not my first trip to Bukit Tinggi but trust me, this time our trip is slightly different.

Day 1
My cousins came last saturday and we had lunch together at Organic Express, after that, we head towards Selesa Hill Homes @ Bukit Tinggi 

credits to our youngest photographer..

 hehe with the youngest baby of our family...

Back at the apartment, Mahjong Non stop la of course...
this time we used a new set of mahjong, pink color wan summore...

At night, had dinner at Bukit Tinggi and celebrated Vince's Birthday after that

The bday girl with her Baskin Robbins cake
Happy Birthday dear!!
the chocolate mint ice cream cake was delicious btw hehe....

Day 2 - Genting
just as usual, we went to Genting on the 2nd day and this time we went to the themepark
but so sad it rained, very very heavily! we've only been to the pirate ship and spinner, and our tickets just went to waste, just like that :(
while it was raining, the 21 yearold bday girl wanted to enter the casino, leaving us YOUNG people alone....sad :(((((( 
the kids went to the indoor arcade, while me and my teenager cousin Zach went to Starbucks @ Highlands hotel
but damn sad, couldn't even get a seat, our legs were really tired but we have to stand there and finish our coffee...saddddd...damn "beh song" all those people who took a table without buying a drink...i will never go there again :( I rather pay a lil bit more to enjoy a cup of coffee at Bubbles and Bites

 Lunch @ Genting Theme Park Snack Kiosk
The Nuggets costs RM3.50 per stick, Chicken Burger is RM4.50
expensive, i know

After Genting, we went to Awana (again, just as usual)
had our Tea Break @ Golf Terrace
and of course, Pool time

The Nyonya Kuih was quite delicious, Teh Tarik was a bit too sweet
ordered their Laksa too, but so sad, it didn't taste as good as before :(
and they dont sell Nasi Lemak anymore, why???? Nasi Lemak was delicious!!!

The Golf Terrace @
Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort
KM13, Genting Highlands
69000 Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.

website : 

weee Pool
i think i improved abit, just abit :D 

Day 3 
It was 2nd day of Raya, Visited a Haji's house, who is a friend of my uncle, at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan.
Beautiful house, big family, some of the ladies were wearing Baju Kebaya and Baju Kurung that looked really really pretty, think I'm gonna buy one someday :D
and the best part of course, Raya Food baybeh!!!!!
They were barbeque-ing one whole lamb(kambing bakar) at the courtyard, and trust me the scent of spice and also the charcoal was so tempting.
Then looked at the table, the traditional ones were there, Nasi Lemak, Lemang and Ketupat, and also grilled chicken, sausages and chicken patties..feel so happy man, it's like my first time trying out all the traditional Malay food at once, at a traditional Malay's house. Yes, at that time, I had the "I Love Malaysia" moment again.

Nasi Lemak with Kambing Bakar and Tempe 
The sambal was good, lots of onions which made it sweet and not too spicy.
The mutton was delicious, eventhough it takes some time and skills to chew it LOL
Very juicy and loaded with aromas of spices. Yum Yum! Love it.

Top left : Lemang, crunchy, taste awesome with the peanut sauce. 
Right: Ketupat, very soft and chewy...there's a mild sweetness from the rice..
Bottom Left: Delicious raya cookies :D

Left Kuala Pilah in the afternoon and head towards Ampang area to visit a relative's house...
had a great time watching TV while enjoying delicious food.
and of course, played posed with the Antique but still working Phone.

after dinner, went to Times Square for shopping
of course I didn't shop, the others did, in fact, to be precise, it was shoe shopping since everyone bought shoes only LOL
Had dessert at Sweet Chills

Raspberry and Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
with funny toppings lol....yogurt balls, passionfruit balls, bear-shape marshmallow
Raspberry yogurt was good...chocolate one was abit too sweet...
btw, the two frozen yogurt cost RM26.00 in total. 

Sweet Chills Frozen Yogurt
Berjaya Times Square KL (Lot No. LG 18-05)
1, Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Daily: 10.00am - 10.30pm

for other outlets:

Day 4
time to head back to Johor Bahru
went swimming in the morning...
ok, i cant swim, I was just hiding in the swimming pool lol

After leaving Bukit Tinggi, we went to Bentong, Pahang for lunch...
went to this cafe that sells iced desserts and Yong Tau Foo
Kow Po Coffee Shop 球宝咖啡屋
It was crowded and it wasn't just Chinese, but Malays as well!
so yea it's pork free and the desserts are delicious. 

Cendol(Bottom-Left), Yong Tau Foo(Top-Right), RedBean and Corn Ice(Bottom-Right)
Yong Tau Foo was delicious, there's many variants of "FuChok", with different texture and taste respectively.
The Ice desserts were great, I like the red bean and corn one...
very crunchy corn and sweet red a scoop of coffee ice cream...YumYum!
who cares if I had sorethroat?

Kow Po Coffee Shop
2, Bentong Height, 
Bentong, Pahang, 

Had an awesome 4 days with my loved ones...
Thanks to my uncle and aunts who took care of me during the trip.
Had loads of yummy food and I really liked the Raya Food most. 

That's all for part one.
Part two will be about my days in Johor Bahru.
and after that, full experience of my day at Universal Studios Singapore. 

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