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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Little Star Cafe @ Seri Kembangan

weeee like finally I went to Sheauwen's house!!!
hehe so happy to meet her parents and hang out at her place
we watched Shinhwa Broadcast together wuahahahah laughed so bad

anyways, she took me to Little Star Cafe for Lunch
it's a cozy cafe that serves Chinese/Taiwanese and Western food and also interesting drinks
basically food that youngsters like
the cafe is nicely decorated, you see stars(literally) here and there, it's a cute place
oh and there's wi-fi, Unifi summore!

The menu is real thick, so many choices
I find the drinks quite special
and there's a Horoscope drink series where you can order drinks according to your horoscope

Sheauwen's Fish Fillet Spaghetti 鱼扒意大利面 - RM9.90
in both Red(tomato) Sauce and White(corn) Sauce
The spaghetti was really really soft, tasted like noodles actually but still have the chewiness there
both the red and white sauce are delicious 

My Black Pepper Seafood Udon 黑胡椒海鲜乌冬面 - RM9.90
the udon was very chewy, the sotong, prawns and fish fillet go well with black pepper sauce!
Really like their fish fillet, crunchy and yummy...  

Green Tea - RM3.50

 Red Dates Tea 红枣茶 - RM3.50
nice! although there's no red dates in it at all...but the red date taste was so strong!
Love the sweet taste...

Our side dish
Happy Garden aka Kids Meal 快乐儿童餐 - RM8.90
with a foot long sausage, french fries, nuggets and coleslaw.
The french fries were crunchy, nugget so so larr....the sausage not bad  

Single Scoop Corn Flavor Ice Cream - FREE 

YES, when u check in facebook and tag the person you're with
each guest is entitled to one scoop of ice cream of the day

The place is very cozy and cute

hehe so long never camwhore with her edi
ok 1st, serious wan

2nd start crazy edi...

and then.....non stop
when u have a best friend, a crazy one, there's nothing you cant do.

Hehe wanna thank Sheauwen once again
for inviting me over to her place
and her mom was so nice
bought me delicious Chiffon cake and the famous Seri Kembangan Paper Wrapped Chicken
Both items habis makan edi!
Hope to go there again!


Little Star Cafe
24, Jalan PSK 3, 
Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan, 
43300 Seri Kembangan.

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