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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Malacca : Good World Restaurant

Visited malacca last Saturday to celebrate my cousin's daughter's full moon.
we had a small family reunion dinner
and before that, Daddy took us to Good World Restaurant @ Taman Melaka Raya
I haven't been to this restaurant for more than 3 years, but the food is still delicious as before!

Braised Pork dish which I dunno it's name. It's something similar to 东坡肉
It might look very oily, but no, it's not. The meat was tender, if you eat with the fat/skin layer on top, the texture is really good, soft and chewy.

Stir Fry Pea Shoots 豆苗
Crunchy vege, nice nice

Mutton Soup 羊肉汤 
I didn't like the soup to be honest, super strong herbal taste
but I like the mutton itself, it was soft and juicy and has a mild scent of herbs.

Oyster Omelette 铁板蚝
it's actually 蚝煎
Delicious! It still taste the same as before...
love the strong egg scent and the juicy oysters

We ordered a steamed fish as well which I didn't take photos coz i was too bust eating
It was yummy too
Anyways, according to daddy, the bill sums up to around RM130
The fish was expensive of course...
So if you don't order the fish, the dishes above are actually quite reasonably priced.

Good World Restaurant
No. 132, Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka,

After lunch, went shopping @ Makhota Parade
bought a bag for RM35 only weeeee...
wanted to go Nadeje to redeem a free cake (10 stamps for 1 cake)
but gosh, totally underestimated them and probably forgot that it was a Saturday
The queue was so freaking long
I was in a hurry, if not I would've waited...

Here's a photo from reunion dinner, 
my aunt took us to Taipan Live Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Merdeka
There were around 8 dishes in total,
including cold plate, mee-suah (面线), chicken, dessert.
I must say it's quite delicious...
especially the Steamed Prawn and Steam Fish (顺壳)
yea it's a SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, so yeap, the seafood were really great!
I didn't take any photos since I cant be like "wait wait wait!!!! letme take photo 1st!" while everyone is staring at the food already...

anyways, took one, coz this is like the only dish which is served individually
Red Wine Pork Ribs 红酒排骨
i think they ran out of ribs coz mine wasn't ribs...maybe somewhere near the ribs
anyways it was delicious, the sauce is awesome mannn!! sweet with a lil sour-ish, perfect with the pork
I was gonna lick the plate...

Taipan Live Seafood Restaurant
No. 2, Ground Floor, Jln Mj 34,
Taman Merdeka Jaya,
75350 Batu Berendam,

Anyways, the main occasion was to celebrate my niece's Full Moon!!
Her name is Jia Xuan 嘉轩
such a cute girl
babies are so syok
sleep all the time, then eat, then cry then sleep again hehe
was looking at how my cousin sister in-law took care of her...
she's such a caring and loving mother, despite all the crying from the baby
I guess my mom was like that too haha
that's why she's still complaining until this day...
don't ever start a fight with my mom, she'll start reciting all her memories and complaints since the day I was born...and finally she'll say "I raise you until u become begitu besar and now u wanna quarrel with me?!?!"
anyways, looking at my cousin in-law really did make me think parents are so great.

weee Baby so chubby...

so cute larrrr

The dress that I bought her...
hope she fast fast grow tall....
and wear this and also the headband that I bought

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