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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Greenlicious @ Boulevard 10

Many people are very into organic/vegetarian food these days,
but not many realize organic food doesn't necessarily stands for vegetarian food
Here's One Restaurant that serves REAL ORGANIC FOOD

I just checked out their Facebook page, the restaurant is run by young chefs and I'm pretty sure some of them are celebrities that I've seen on TV. Basically the serve organic food, not vegetarian, yes with both meat and veggie. After looking through their menu, I'm quite certain they serve chicken only. Organic chicken of course.

So, the drinks came first.

Matcha Milk Tea - RM7.90
Not the Green Milk Tea which is served in Chatime and other bubble tea shops..
Super strong greentea-bitter-ish taste at first sip, then the sweetness of the milk and also tea scent comes after. I actually liked it. 

Wild Chrysanthemum Tea - 5.90
Has a naturally sweet taste, nothing like the ordinary chrysanthemum drinks... 
as u can see, there's wolf berry also...which explains the extra sweetness :D

Nasi Lemak KL Tower - RM16.90
with sambal and curry and also the VERY GREENLICIOUS fried chicken!!
The fried chicken is good! Super crunchy but not oily at all, I'm serious.
It was amazing man, the meat is also tender and juicy. Love it!
The rice has a very fragrant smell as well. Like Like!
Sambal was delicious, wanted to ask for more...

yea now you understand y it's called KL Tower...

Roasted Chicken Rice - RM17.90
comes with Lotus Root soup
The chicken is definitely less oily and less salty....which actually means it's much more healthy
but if u think it's too plain, eat with the soy sauce, ginger and chili
really raise the flavor
the chicken was also well cooked, soft and yummy
rice, again, less oily but still fragrant
soup was good!

In conclusion, the food here really makes you feel healthy lol
but still gives you the delicious taste
The menu also has other unique dishes
really worth trying

The place is also pretty good....

Unit A-G-12, Block Allamanda,
10 Boulevard, PJU 6A,
Lebuhraya Sprint,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

btw, wanna thank Mommy's friend for giving us coupons to try out the dishes....
will definitely go there again...

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