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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gardens by the Bay & Teatime at Au Chocolat @Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Day out with the cousins yo!!
so glad to have them while I was in the middle of exam stress mode haha...
We decided to travel down south towards the city for some sightseeing :D

 at Marina Bay Sands promenade
love the beautiful view of Fullerton Hotel and Skyscrapers
looks a bit like Hong Kong haha...

After that, we decided to head towards Gardens by the Bay 
In my opinion, i prefer to go in daylight, I love how the greens and purples stand out against the blue sky

and....sudden decision to go to the OCBC skyway
the moment we step out of the elevator, 20% regret comes in
coz it was so freaking high!!!!

it's a suspended bridge so it does swing a little bit when the wind blows...
it takes a lot of courage to actually look down 
and I can't walk without my hands on the rail LOL
didn't know I have that much of acrophobia

despite the fear, walking along the skybridge gives you an awesome view of Marina Bay, you can see the straits and Marina barrage
then there's a closer look of Marina Bay Sands hotel tower (you don't have to snap your head back up high)

and also a view of the GREEN AND URBAN ground of Gardens by the Bay
my hands were shaking when I took this photo haha...
the wind was blowing really crazily

Though it's 5 dollars, but I think it's worth the experience haha...
It's my first time walking at such high altitude in open air...
The altitude really makes a difference on what you see and what you feel...

Just when we got our feet on the ground, the sky was divided into halves of black and white...
We were still under the white sky, but suddenly the black took over and it was raining really heavily!!
Thank God it didn't rain while we were at the bridge haha
so we ran all the way back to Marina Bay Sands
we were pretty much wet, and we decided to find a place to rest and chit chat
then I remember a shop from my first trip to Singapore

the cute and dreamy Au Chocolat
we ordered the Afternoon Tea Set -- SGD32.00++
Chocolate fondue was the best thing on earth!!!!
naturally sweet with slight bitterness, the smooth texture, melts further on your tongue and fills your mouth with the awesome cocoa scent
we wished we could just drink the chocolate haha
the macarons were great too, crispy and light

we ordered Chamomile Tea
free refill

 A closer look

love the ambience

hehe great time

Horrible Host at Au Chocolat
Yes the reason I actually blog about this bistro is because their Chocolate Fondue really deserves a compliment. But that won't stop me from blogging about our bad experience at Au Chocolat
Well I don't know how many people will see this and I don't know how many people will agree with me, but I'll just write down my experience, just to remind myself to never look down on others because it sucks when you are being looked down.

So, we're at Marina Bay Sands
and yes I expected our tea time will be a rather pricey one
While flipping through the menu I thought ordering one Afternoon Tea Set will be enough as we are not really hungry and yes we are not willing to spend too much.

Anyway, we ordered one Afternoon Tea Set, and I asked the hostess whether we can get 3 cups. The hostess, a lady in late 30s i suppose, said it's fine in a very friendly tone. And when we say we don't want anything else, she just smiled at us and left.

Then 2 minutes later, a host, obviously in his 40s, walked swiftly to our table and said "There's no bananas" in a very quick, and cold manner. And I swear he wasn't looking at us when he asked, his gaze was somewhere else instead of us. 3 of us were puzzled. What am I suppose to say when there's no bananas? What is it about bananas? We couldn't understand what he said and it seems like he doesn't wanna explain to us after seeing our confused faces. and so I just simply asked "Then what do you have in place of bananas?" He couldn't answer and just walked away swiftly. Instantly we felt his rude manner, he could have at least said "Let me check for you" before walking away. Anyways, he came back after a while and used the same cold,swift and toneless voice to say "There will be strawberries." My English is not very good and it may sound like he was just being emotionless, but trust me, I swear I can feel the insulting and demeaning tone in his voice. You may say I'm very perasan, but I trust my instincts really, sometimes this kind of things, we human just have a very good sensor about it! It really felt like he doesn't wanna spend a single second talking to us. He was using the Oh-Please-I-Don't-Wanna-Talk-To-You-at-all-and-I-Hope-This-Conversation-Ends-Quickly tone. 

Not just me, even my cousins felt it.
and I was thinking what the hell did we do to deserve this kind of service?
I spent money at your place, I did not give u any trouble, I did not complain about the food. Yes I know we seem very stingy for 3 of us to share one high tea set and asked for 3 cups, but still!!!!????!!! I still spent money at your place and it's 37 dollars!! It's higher than any usual 2-pax hi-tea set, so it's not really unfair to have 3 person right?? And honestly, have you ever thought of the consequences of your action?

I know, you might think we are just a bunch of students that have low income/pocket money. It's okay to lose customers like us. But have you considered the fact that we, young adults, will eventually become money earning individuals in the future? My cousin for example, an EY accountant with bright future ahead, probably have no problem having hi-teas once a week after 5 years. After your terrible service, do you think I still wanna dine at your place when I have the money? Seriously this people don't know how to do business, and don't understand what marketing is about. 

Lesson learned, a customer(or a person) carries a lifetime value instead of just the money she paid during her visit. Always show your best hospitality and manners, and never look down on any customer/people at all. 

anyways, other waiter and waitress were friendly enough, just this one that totally pissed me off. 

Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 7227
Sun to Thu: 10am – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 10am – 12 midnight

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