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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Great Escape -- Penang so so fun Part 2: Chew Jetty, Gurney Drive, Upper Penang Road @ Night and Pork Noodles

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Part 2 of our awesome Penang Trip yo!
It's still Day 1
after all the exploration around the streets of Georgetown, we manage to walk all the way towards the waters...visited the rather unique and idyllic Chew Jetty.

7. Chew Jetty 姓周桥
as the name spells, it's known as a clan jetty for the Chew family. 
I forgot when was the last time i visited such "kampung" place. Really feel grateful that such place still exist in this modern world. Tightly knit houses made up of wooden planks, wet wooden corridors, lanterns, motorbikes.... Along the main corridor, there are lots of shops that sells souvenir and also some childhood snacks and games.
It was shopping time for us haha...
Bought a nice cap (like the ones that Jihyo wear in Runningman) at RM15 only!!
Besides, the houses are really homes to lots of families, you can see the rather simple and small rooms with simple furnishing. There's a sense of peacefulness at this place. 
walk around and feel the salty sea breeze...

 Chew Jetty was also made famous due to its appearance in Ice Kacang Puppy Love :D

Chew Jetty, 
Weld Quay
10300 George Town

It was almost sunset, we decided to head towards Gurney Plaza by taking a 103 Rapid Penang Bus
After walking for one whole day, taking the bus may not be the best option LOL
we were dead tired haha...and due to the congested traffic, the journey towards Gurney Drive was around one hour!

8. Gurney Drive
walk out of Gurney Plaza, and turn left to go to Anjung Gurney aka Gurney Drive Hawker Center. 
If you just wanna have a taste of all the famous delicacy at once, this is the place to go.
However, we weren't very impressed with the taste of the food here. 
But it's still pretty fun to dine in a busy hawker center, sitting on plastic stools and eat like a boss haha

 Penang Rojak! RM4.00
Now only I know that they have squid inside haha...
along with all the fruits and cakoi, it's a really crunchy bite. 

Another representative Penang food -- Fried Oyster 蠔煎
seriously one of my favorite food in this whole wide world. Juicy oysters with super fragrant omelette.
My mouth is watering as I'm typing this. 

 Fried Sambal Sotong

 Penang Hokkien Mee aka Har Mee or Prawn Mee -- RM5.00
unlike KL's black sauce hokkien mee, Penang's Hokkien Mee simply means Prawn Noodle
anyways, this prawn mee is quite yummy

 Grilled fish

Anjung Gurney
Persiaran Gurney

We were pretty much half dead despite having our dinner, we decided to head back to our hotel by taking taxi. After a short rest, it's time for us to experience the nightlife at Penang Road :D

9. Supper at Hon Kei Food Corner 汉记小食店
OMG super recommend this place!!!!
The pork noodles totally melted my heart haha
This place is probably the main reason for me to return to Penang once again...
yes no joke, my favorite dish of the trip!
anyways, this shop is opened till late night, it's a good place for supper.
The restaurant is also situated in a restored ancient shop lot, has a vintage feel as well.

 Lor Bak 卤肉 -- RM6.00
This is something new to me. 
Too bad i didn't take a photo of the sauce, the sauce is the main character yo!
Love how the slightly spicy and sour sauce enhances the flavors of all the fried items. 
My favorite is century egg, sausage and tofu!

and Here come my favorite!!!!
 Pork Noodles 猪肉粉 -- RM7.50
with thick noodle (粗米粉) and Pig Liver
I'm totally in love with this bowl of noodles. The soup has a very natural sweet taste, while the handmade pork balls are super chewy and tasty. The best part is, the liver is actually very fresh and it's crunchy, does not have any strange smell or taste. Thick noodles go well as it is crunchy and it absorbs all the soup. Again, wish I knew better words to describe the awesomeness!! 

 Pork Porridge 猪肉粥
similar to the noodles, only it's replaced with rice. I assume it's rice because it seems more like rice in soup instead of the texture of porridge.
Love this too!

 Our drinks
a special note : my Neslo is super super kaw! they are so generous with the milo, there's one whole layer undissolved milo and I had to request for water refill LOL

Love this place so much that I actually asked my friend to take a photo of me haha...

Hon Kei Food Corner 漢記小食店
45 Kampung Malabar,
10100 Georgetown, Penang
Tel:012 - 443 5559 / 016 - 443 9085

10. Nightwalk around Upper Penang Road Area, Eastern & Oriental Hotel
time to experience Penang's atmosphere at night. Thanks to the location of our hotel, we're able to walk around the bustling and happening Penang Road at night. 
Love the neon lights, the sound of cars zooming past and the laughter of people walking along the road. 

 The happening Upper Penang Road
lined up with all kinds of bar and pubs, 
several restored colonial buildings are now clubs. 
it was a weekday night, but yet the place is super crowded.
Check out the beautiful lights man! It felt like an entirely different world.

 The beautiful Eastern and Oriental Hotel, situated right at the seaside. 
Love the building, its windows and the super pretty courtyard! Has a palace kind of aura.

Oh ya, enjoy the sea breeze and night view at the back of the hotel. 

 It's great to just sit down and chat with your friends and listen to the sound of waves beating. 

Eastern and Oriental Hotel (near Upper Penang Road)
10 Lebuh Farquhar, 
10200 Georgetown, Penang

And there goes our first night in Penang
More adventures in the second day!
Part 3 coming up :D

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