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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Great Escape - Penang 超好玩! Part 1 : Georgetown Explore

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This will be a photo loaded post!!
I'll try to post everything in detail, just to encourage you guys to go Penang! :D
Penang is one of the awesomest place to have fun with your friends!!
Explore the history and culture, indulge in delicious food and immerse yourself in the awesome atmosphere, the beach and the buildings.
well since our trip was way too much story and drama and fun, I'm gonna break into parts...
First up, our day 1 at Georgetown

we took a flight from KL to Penang via AirAsia
gawd air fares are really cheap now! 5 hour journey is now less than 2 hour. 
we were late and the boarding gate CLOSED!! omg, scare die us haha....ran all the way like a chicken towards the flight. Please be early if you're flying at LCCT, coz the queue can be long and there's no travelator for you towards your boarding gate.  

From Penang Airport, we took a bus to KOMTAR, the main bus terminal in Georgetown. Walked towards Upper Penang Road, where our hotel is situated. 

View from our hotel room, Hotel Continental. 

1. LINE CLEAR Penang Nasi Kandar
yeap, the MUST EAT food in Penang! Apparently, it's one of the most famous Nasi Kandar stall in Penang, the queue was so long that they named it Line Clear LOL 

Check out the wide range of rendang meat/seafood and other veggies

I had Mutton Curry with Omelette -- RM6.10
well the curry is super damn spicy! sweat so badly. Don't forget to order a cold beverage!
The mutton is quite chewy and I love the very fragrant spices. 
well I won't say it really delicious lar, probably because I can't really stand this kind of spiciness. I still prefer KAYU Nasi Kandar near my house LOL

see my lips so fat haha...
and my Teh Ice habis liao
spicy die me...

Line Clear Nasi Kandar
117 Penang Road
Tel : 04 2614440

After lunch, we decided to walk around Penang road area. Btw, try to grab one of those Penang maps at the airport, they will come in handy when you want to have a fun walking trip. Using the map, we explored some of the attractions within Georgetown area. 

2. Camera Museum 
situated within an ancient shop lot. There are 2 levels, the ground floor has a shop that sells merchandises and a cafe. On the walls, there are plenty of beautiful photos from photographers and they are for sale as well. Also, lots of replicas of cameras from different era. The ground floor is free admission, while the second floor is the real museum, with all the real cameras. We didn't go to the museum though. Just walked through the ground floor.The place has a very vintage feel, great to take photos.  

The Camera Museum
49, Lebuh Muntri,
George Town, Penang.

3. Chocolate Museum
more like a chocolate gallery actually. Only a small part of the building features some history and information about chocolate manufacturing. Yeap that's where you see names like Van Houten. :D
After the so-call museum, you will be directed to the chocolate specialty shop, selling many types of chocolates by Beryls. By the way, the guide who lead us was quite friendly! She really did explained a lot during the museum part. 

While you're at the chocolate shop, don't be shy to test all kinds of chocolate! hehe, free choco tasting, yum!
For some reason, the chocolates seem much more expensive than KL. 

Oh yeah, one of the most bizarre flavors, sweet and spicy, and also choking LOL

Chocolate Museum
@ The Chocolate Boutique
Leith Street, Penang

4. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
aka Blue Mansion
another stop-and-stare-and-leave place haha....
just a blue colored historical building, that is famous for its Feng Shui features and rich history about its owner. It has rooms to rent for travelers as well.  
there's guided tours into this building, at an admission fee of RM12.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
14 Lebuh Leith, (Same as chocolate museum)
10200 Georgetown, Penang

5. Khoo Kongsi
aka the Khoo Family's Association
aka Kaixin's House hahahaha.....
anyways it's a beautiful building with rich culture. 
Check out the architecture man!! Totally impressed with whoever who built this place. Step inside to the main hall, you really do feel lost in time. Great place to appreciate the ideas, beliefs and culture of our ancestors. There's also a museum at the basement, which gives you a glimpse into our ancestors' lives. Walk through it and you can't help but to feel grateful for what our greatgranpas and grandmas have done to come here. 

Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi
18 Cannon Square, 
10200 Penang

6. Mural Search! and street explore around Georgetown
at Khoo Kongsi, we got a map that indicates all the location of the oh-so-popular murals! I thought the murals are within the same place but turns out they are scattered all across the streets of Georgetown. The map is really helpful to find them. Be prepared to walk a LOT! I see many tourists cycled, probably a better alternative to explore the beautiful streets of Georgetown.   
Check out this website for super useful information and maps!

even minions joined the family!

Other than mural, there are plenty of steel sculptures like these that depicts the unique culture and history of Georgetown:
 Roadside Barber

 Char Kuay Teow stall

 our ONLY-IN-MALAYSIA word to replace double shot espresso : Kopi O KAW

Get lost in this historical city and imagine yourself in 60s movies :D

By the way, all the places we've been to in this post, we walked! Yes, so just get a map and start walking hehe...

Part 2 coming up soon!
We will be going to Chew Jetty & Upper Penang Road, and all the Good Food will start coming in!!

To see the other parts of the trip :
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