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Monday, December 16, 2013

JB Food Again!! The Toast @ Jalan Dedap and Dong Yuan Kopitiam @ Impian Emas

Actually all these photos were taken some time ago
Found them in my phone
Didn't have time to review them one by one
So I might as well share them all in this post
Just's the battle of Egg Mayo toast hehehehehehe

1. The Toast @ Johor Jaya
at first I thought this shop is a toast box branch, but now looking at the menu and the interior again, I'm pretty sure they are different. The concept is kinda similar with ToastBox, but this one has more of a modern cafe interior...
So this cafe specializes in Toast of course, but there's a lot more on the menu!! which I think Toastbox doesn't have. There's loads of local dishes, from fried bihun, otakotak, to noodles and desserts.

Egg Mayo Toast -- RM2.80
love the buttery texture and the chunky egg pieces..
awesome with the crunchy thick toast...
Thumbs up for this!

Kaya Butter -- RM1.80
again, very crunchy toast
and fragrant butter scent...
but personally, me love thick slice of butter haha
yeap fatty me

Honey Lemon -- RM3.20

Yuan Yang -- RM2.00

Conclusion, Egg Mayo rocks!! Love the ambience, very awesome place to hang out with friends and family and chat all the way. 

The Toast 土司坊
108, 110 Jalan Dedap 13
Taman Johor Jaya
81100, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 7 351 6880

2. Dong Yuan Kopitiam @ Impian Emas
came here for at least twice, a breakfast spot whenever I visit my grandaunt's house
the menu has a wide range of local meals and also japanese bentos
there's also breakfast sets with different combinations of local favorites

Egg Mayo Set
that comes with french fries hehe...
this is one is more healthy i suppose LOL
milder taste....not much butter compared to The Toast
just mashed eggs and little bit of mayonnaise  

Kaya Butter Toast
Thick butter slice hehe...
but the toast is not as crunchy
still nice though

Hot Milk Tea

The price uhm, I can't really remember, but I remember the set of Egg Mayo and Milk Tea is around RM6.50 
Conclusion, quite affordable place, hope I have a second chance to explore the menu further. 

Dong Yuan Kitchen Kopitiam 东园
30 Jalan Impian Emas 7
81300 Tebrau

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