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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Great Escape -- Penang So So Fun Part 3: Kek Lok Si, Air Itam Asam Laksa, Hard Rock Hotel

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This will be another photo loaded one, coz Kek Lok Si simply too beautiful!
So now, Day 2 of our Penang Trip.
Our initial plan was to have brunch at one of the chic cafes in Georgetown.
Walk around the old streets of Georgetown and you'll find there are many hipster cafes that serves coffee in a rustic vintage setting. We decided to go to Coffee Lane 咖啡坊 after reading some reviews. But so "bo yuan", it's closed :(

one of the restaurants near King's Street
I just adore the exterior hehe
you'll find lots of beautifully renovated coffee shops and restaurants in this area.
great place to hang out

Then we decided to have Char Kuay Teow, but sad thing, couldn't find the shop eventhough we have GPS. So we decided to have our lunch at Ait Itam before heading towards Kek Lok Si.

small town at the foot of green mountains, pretty lerr....

11. Air Itam Asam Laksa
If you come Penang but didn't eat Asam laksa, it's like the saddest thing weih!
situated at an old market, this laksa stall may look rather not-so-nice, but it's stalls like this that carries the best flavors hehe
I remember James 詹姆士 and 乔乔 came here before to film 美食大三通!Totally excited!

 Asam Laksa -- RM4.00
I really do like the flavor of this laksa, love the balance of sourness and sweetness. It's mildly spicy, that tinges the back of your throat a little bit. The soup, has the sweetness of the mackerel fish! LaiFun is chewy and goes very well with the strong flavor of the soup. 超开胃!
Proud to say I finished the soup!

Sugar Cane, perfect with the spicy and sour laksa.

 Deep Fried Popiah -- RM2.40
Not bad, crunchy crunchy crunchy!
Love the chili sauce. 

Asam Laksa
Pasar Air Itam
Jalan Pasar
11500 Air Itam, Penang

12. Kek Lok Si Temple 极乐寺
it's been 8 years since the last time I visited Kek Lok Si
I use to hate temples when I was a kid but now I find this place so pretty now, probably because I've grown up, and have better understanding on history and heritage.
I really love to visit religious sites like this, every inch of the place gives off a very timeless feel. 

oh yeah, the view that appeared in my primary school textbooks haha

the ONLY-IN-MALAYSIA feel strikes again!!
Love my country hehe

cable car towards the GuanYin Statue


making wishes hehe
and yes, I made one too!! guess what ribbon i chose?
yeap i chose the one for love haha...despo me LOL

gawd I love this shot!

forgive my super flawed face

No. 1, Tokong Kek Lok Si, 
11500, George Town

13. Him Heang Local Products and Kedai Kopi New Cathay
what trip in Malaysia will be complete without bringing some local snacks and hanging out in an old school kopitiam?
Yeap we drove all the way back to Georgetown just to buy some local products before we forget haha
For some reason, we were extremely hungry despite our asam laksa lunch. Went straight towards a kopitiam that we see and tried out various famous Penang food :D Gosh Penang seriously damn a lot of specialty food! 

Him Heang produces its own Tau Sar Peah and sells other local delicacies as well...
Brought home boxes of tau sar peah, peanut cake, sesame biscuit etc etc hehe
Him Heang
162-A, Jalan Burma, 
10050, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Tel: +60 4-228 6129

 again, ONLY-IN-MALAYSIA, u can find stalls like this

 Lor Mee 卤面 -- RM3.50
I forgot how long it has been since the last time I tried Loh Mee
Find this bowl of noodles kinda unique due to the thick gravy with chewy noodles and crunchy shallots 
Slightly oily though. 

 Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee) -- RM3.50
my friend thought hokkien mee is the fried noodles in KL LOL
This one not bad also la, love the very rich prawn base soup, smelling the soup is one awesome feeling haha. 

Penang Char Kuay Teow!! -- RM3.50
another Penang MUST-EAT
love this so much larr...chewy kuayteow with mild taste of black sauce and chili, together with the super fragrant smell of eggs and cockles. 有锅气!

 Hokkien Char 福建炒 -- RM3.50
this is really something new to me...
it's fried noodles with a bit of gravy 
milder flavor compare to Char Kuay Teow

Hawthorn Drink 山楂水
recommended by the Tauke there hehe
very refreshing, with a tinge of sourness

Anyways it was a nice place to have a rest
the tauke was very friendly
but sad I couldn't really chat with him coz i totally can't understand Penang Hokkien!!
after watching so much Taiwanese dramas, now only i know Penang Hokkien is so different.
Langsung "TiaBo"
we asked for directions from the tauke, and he was very helpful, he even wanted to take us to our destination LOL
this is where you feel Malaysia's warmth, 马来西亚咖啡店里的人情味。 

Kedai Kopi New Cathay 
425-E Jalan Burma, 
George Town, Penang

After filling up our tummies, we continue our journey. If I remember correctly (gosh my memory sucks), we wanted to go to Queensbay Mall, but....
 we accidentally drove into the Penang Bridge!!! LOL
all of us were dumbstruck when we realize we took the wrong road haha
all of us were idiotically hoping there's a U-Turn on the bridge
gosh the bridge is so damn LONG!
wonder how much petrol we wasted haha

God knows how much time we wasted LOL
so we decided to cancel our plan to Queensbay but instead head straight towards Batu Ferringhi
I didn't know it takes such a long drive and the roads are unbelievably curvy
Just wanna say thank to my friends who were so good with driving haha
must be tiring to drive under the hot sun!
after the seems-so-adventurous roads, we decided to visit Hard Rock Hotel

14. Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi
Batu Ferringhi, the beach area, loads of Hotels and Restaurants along the coast. Hard Rock Hotel seems to be a nice place to hang out since it's open to outsiders and you can access the beach through the hotel. Unlike another hotel that we went to, they charge RM30 for the parking homg... 
Anyways, Hard Rock Hotel was one kind of heaven LOL
it's like angmo world seriously...luxurious and posh
people over there, mostly foreign tourist with families. 
The rooms, are connected to the swimming pool, they can just walk to the balcony and jump into the pool LOL

Speaking of Hard Rock, one of the highlights will definitely be the music elements that you can find in the hotel. Check out this massive electronic guitar that greeted us. 

exhibition of outfits and musical instruments by notable musicians
it's a music fan's paradise!

oh ya, say hi to the King of Pop

 Super love this Beatles mosaic wall
loads of music legends over here.  

 Awesome splash pool for the kids

Beach, here we come!

mountains and waters

 Btw there's loads of watersports activity here...
too bad we didn't really expect to wet ourselves, if not, banana boat will be on the list hehe... feel lerr :D

laughters haha

Love the sunny weather! It was great to just soak our feet in the cold water and make footprints on the white sand hehe....

After absorbing all the vitamin D, it's time for a rest. Decided to splurge on a Beach side Tea Time at Hard Rock Hotel's Pizzeria. Yes you heard me, splurge!

chilling out under the big umbrella hehe

Fool's Garden -- RM15
Tea made from a combination of fruits
from what I've tasted, I assume there's grapefruit and lemon
Well quite refreshing, with a little lingering bitterness from the grapefruit

Iced Latte - RM13

Iced Chocolate -- RM18

And we ordered pizza 
 Can't remember what name is this pizza called
I shall name it Hawaian Chicken, since it has pineapples and chicken slices as well
RM30 (funny that I actually remember the price LOL)
not bad la, I like the thin crust
the toppings, not bad either, juicy pineapples with yummy tomato sauce
but don't really worth this price, to me. 

 So we just relaxed and see the sun sets...

And there's Part 3 : Day 2 of our Penang trip
Coming up next, our 2nd night on our Penang trip
it's where the food and drama comes in hehe...

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