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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oct to Dec 13 Diaries -- Penang Trip, Hallevent, Birthday

Oh gosh.....there goes my blog...
frozen for another 2 months 
I know this sounds like an excuse, but, there really isn't much time to blog!
Can't believe i'm saying this but, I spent most of my weekends studying for quizzes, midterms and finals :(
giasu mode on haha...
anyways, I'll try to blog from where I'd left...

So, during our recess week, went to Penang with ma UTAR GE gang!
best trip ever!
will have a separate post about our awesome getaway soon!
I had loads of fun with these people, so much laughter, so much drama (YES DRAMA).
Just wanna say thanks to them, especially the ones who drove a lot haha...

After coming back from recess week, started my task as an Hall Coordinator. We made barley, green bean soup and curry fishballs! Just wanna say many many thanks to my dear Hall Mags, for helping out throughout the night, walk around the halls to deliver the supper. Love you all!!

Just one week later, my second task. Hall Event!! It's an event prepared by the hall co-s and hall mags for the MSA members to have fun. Well it's my first time organizing such event, well I must say it's not a very successful one, but still, the event still ended smoothly. Throughout the process, learnt so much, and experienced a lot as well. Especially the power of teamwork. Once again, wanna say thanks to my hall mags and MC, who put in so much effort to make this event a success.

 Thanks to all the participants!! haha had loads of fun with you people! You guys rocked!

The Hall Mags :D
Too bad KahHoe and YueBei wasn't with us. 

Random photo haha
it's a Movie Sharing session held in NTU
Joined by the cast and director of  听见下雨的声音 Rhythm of the Rain
yesh you are looking at 方文山 Vincent Fang (the awesome lyricist of most JayChou songs) and also Queen 魏如云 and the very hot Alan 柯有伦。

the first day of the month
certainly, a memorable one. 
It's my first birthday away from home!
So glad to say that I have a bunch of awesome friends with me despite being in a different country. 
To be pretty honest, I really thought my birthday was gonna be just another simple day, thought of treating myself to some nice food, and spend the rest of the night watching my fave dramas hehe. 
Then these people came into my room while i'm still wearing my "Inmate Look" LOL totally caught me off guard. And they came in with a cake, a cake!!! God knows how much I love cakes haha...
anyways, really wanna thank their warm wishes. Truly appreciate it. 

Just when I was replying all the FB wishes, thinking that the day is going to end. The OG members knocked the door yo! Total shock again, shocked that they actually appeared, shocked that so many of them are willing to come celebrate my birthday despite it's exam period. Gamdong die me! Seriously felt so grateful to have them (although i dont like the fact that they facejacked me 3 TIMES!), miss all the moments we had during camp. After having cake, we even went supper! Great to have a catch up with them :D

right after my birthday, met up with da dearest buddy!
had good food and visit around the city area...will have a separate post soon. 

And the following day, my cousins came to visit me!!!!!! OMGOMG haha
it was a really sudden one, can't tell how happy I was when Vince say that they are coming.
I have a quiz on the following day, but I know it's more important to spend quality time with family, just to release stress and motivate myself further!
visited Gardens by the Bay, will have another post soon (OMG I have so much to post haha)

Time to prepare for the exams, go to my FB and you'll see plenty of photos of me studying with my 4 in Love girls haha...though studying is no fun, but with the girls, everything seems to be less suffering. Love em'.

Hehe, one of the cool things about NTU culture : Exam Welfare pack
loaded with goodies

And here comes exam period, studying (actually, worrying most of the time), squeezing brain juice, hoping to make sense of things...
Sometimes, you wish time pass quickly, so that you can enjoy the holidays
But sometimes, you hope time can stop or wish time can multiple itself, so that, you dont have to face the fear of exams, the fear of sitting in a freezing exam hall, the fear of not knowing what to write on the answer book. 

Anyways, it's over yo! Though I tend to be rather sad and hopeless whenever I stepped out of the exam hall, but I guess I did my best to cover them up. More importantly, good things happened after that!

Theodora and Cristina
my friends from Romania and Italy
so proud and glad to know them during my first semester in NTU
this girls are really sweet and friendly
I truly hope that we'll still meet very very soon!
yeap, another awesome thing about NTU, meet people from around the world!
so far, I've met people from Spain, Norway, HongKong, Netherlands, German and much more!

 My awesome marketing presentation groupmates!
Really wanna say thanks and sorry to them, coz they have a super forgetful groupmate like me who needs reminder all the time.  

Zzang Zzang!!! This is our 4 in Love hehe :D
Really wanna thank thess 3 girls, for being the best companions I have in NTU
thanks for always making me laugh, eating lunch with me, listening to all my complaints and rants, and even sometimes, have to bear my bad attitude.
I cannot imagine how life in Pulau NTU will be without you girls. Love you guys much!!
May we continue to fight for the next 3 years!! 

A Little Bit Of Thought After First Semester in NTU
To be pretty honest, these 4 months in NTU, I have so much thoughts, it seems I learned a little bit more about myself. 
During the first two weeks, it felt like the most helpless days in my life. Staying in a dimly lit room, with a small window panel, with a roommate that comes from a totally different background as me. Without parents, without friends. First few days, I went to lectures, not knowing many people, in fact, I meet totally different people, it felt like there's no one who will stay with me, unlike my highschool years, where I have the same bunch of classmates.  
But slowly, you realize, the right people will come to you

Singapore, sometimes I feel very grateful it's Singapore. In fact, most of the time, I don't really feel like I'm in a foreign country. I can still eat Wanton noodles here, speak Mandarin here, drink Milo and speak broken English here. It may seem to be a very different place at first, fast paced, competitive, everything is expensive(in Msian terms). 
But slowly, you realize, life still goes on, even your seems-like-unbearably-long weekends will still be fine, you probably end up spending time on studying, or watching dramas.

I wish I know better English or Chinese to describe how i felt throughout the first four months.
In simple words, what I've really learned is that TIME NEVER STOPS, you can feel happy, sad or boring, you can be stressed over something, you can spend your whole day crying but TIME will never give a damn about what you're doing and how you're feeling.
So, even if you're facing the worst situation, never forget life goes on... 

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