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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well, 2day went 2 tuition at morning. 90% of da lesson was talking about cigarette. But quite fun la. Sum of them saw da video n frightened 4 a while. Coz da video is about a women's brain been cut in2 2 parts. Da girls was so scared. Hahaha. Dat advertisment i saw b4 oledy. So... nothing 2 scared 4. Then went back home n help my mom do diz n do dat. Afterwards went 2 eat lunch. da luch was great, da gravy was excellent. After i took my lunch, i realized dat it was 12.50 oledy. I'm almost late. Luckily i went 2 skool is at 1.09. Thank god la. Then, our science teacher want us 2 copy da whole experiment thingy. My hands were so damn pain Then recess lorrr. I hanged out wif christal, christine n michelle. Go here n there, n visit onion(Tan Han Yan).Then go back 2 class lorr. 2day Rui Rui's (Tan Han Rui) hairstyle so damn cute. Then da last 2 period is english. Pn. Joy gave back us our paper. Thank god dat 1 got A. If not, i'm not gonna sleep 4 nights!!! Then skool bell rings n go home lorr.

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