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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yesterday, went 2 ou again wif my bro. Ist we went 2 GSC n buy tickets. Dat time not many ppl were there. Then, go 2 d arcade. Played car racing n shooting. N oso basketball. I lose when play race car wif my bro. He got da 1st. Fuhyoh!!! After dat, go n shop here shop there, when 2 movie magic, wanna buy sum CD but no money la. Listen sum song at there only. Afterdat, we took our lunch at KFC. Fuhyoh, da bill costs 20 sumthin. 1 person 10 rinngit!!!! Then, we walked here walked there 2 digest our food. Then it's oledy 2 sumthin, da movie starts at 2.15 . So we went 2 toilet, then buy snacks. We realized dat there were soooooo much ppl buying da tickets, it's three times more than juz now i buy da ticket. Then, when we buy snacks, da guys infront of us so damn slow la. They say: ok la.....wait dont want la.....erm.....yes la. So stupid la, we waited so long. After we bought snacks, we go in lorr. Da movie almost start oledy. Luckily didnt b late. Da movie was okay.......damn funny. Oh, i 4gotten 2 say da name of da movie--Almost Love. It's a korean movie. Da guy's hair style in da movie damn cute n funny. It's kind of mushroom style!!!! Hahaha.Then we come out, went 2 body glove, n but my clothes. Then went back 2 phase 1 n buy sum food 4 my mom. Then go home lorr.

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