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Sunday, June 04, 2006

3rd of June

This is da picture taken at Esther's birthday party.
2nd of June was my friend's birthday lorr.Juz now forgotten to put the pictures. Well 3rd of June, my cousin went 2 tasik kenyir early in da morning. I was to tired so didnt wave goodbye 2 them. My cousin SMS me dat da trip was fun. Actually i could go wit them, bcoz of da stupid piano class n malay tuition lorr!!! I can't go wit them. N i oso hav 2 help my mom!!!My cousin say they live in a chalet near da beach. I luv sea n beach.It was juz my heaven!!! But dun rain la!!! I luv seafood oso!!!! Especially crab n seabass, awesome!!!! Hope they enjoyed their trip.

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