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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

These Days(June 4th--June7th)

Well these days i'm bz on finding a blog skin. Conclusion, nothing special i found!!!But at least i found a blogskin which is FINAL FANTASY. I like da author hu make da was so real!!!! But i dun play coz i dun hav money 2 buy. I only watch da FINAL FANTASY VII, THE ADVENT CHILDREN.Not bad, i luv da charactera veryveryvery much!!!At 5th of June. I got my prize from 8tv ( 2 Jolin poster, 1 limited edition notebook, n of course da promo edition CD with postcard n translated lyrics!!!) Both of da poster was great, 1 is da limited edition huge size poster, Jolin was so beautiful. Her smile, her post--GREAT. Well d ader poster i gav it 2 my bro. Coz he keep bothering me n begged me 2 giv him. Actually i luv dat poster 2, i'm so kesal(in malay).Da notebook was cute. Finally da CD. Oh, i luv it. I tot da prize doesn't include da CD. Haha, my bro knew he was so angry. Luckily i didnt buy d album, but da real album is better than diz 1. Nvm la, my bro got dat. Well, at June 6th. I think as u know, for da western, it wasn't a good day,coz it is 06-06-06. I think u noe wat it means, sumthing like da devil la, i watched a horror movie, it is sumthin about it, i still remember dat i can't sleep after watchin it, coz i'm still in 8 years old. For da chinese, they said it was a great day. I also dont noe y la. Well 2day, every thing goes normal Again. Actually i got a maid yesterday, but 2 day, my mom juz sent her back, duno y la. I think bcoz of her attitude. Duh, hu cares!!! So....datz all in these day. Really a quite long post.

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