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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My luvly computer!!!!!

Yesterday, when i was online, suddenly fui swen sent a link 2 get pictures about me. N i tot is real, coz i got took pic wif esther when her party. After i clicked, my msn juz look absoulutely not da same. I can't chat wif my frendz!!!! Then i wanna ask fui swen, oso cannot chat. Then, i ask my brother 2 try n use his account n sign in. His' account no problem. Then, i stop using it. 2day, when i went 2 skool. I saw brenda, jan yi n mag were at da pondok(malay). I was thinking, y they will b here, they suppose 2 hang out wif their gang, rite. Then, when i leave my bag at da pondok. Brenda was quite segan(malay). Then jan said: i help u 2 scold her! Then, jan said:y u send virus 2 brenda?? Then i said, oh...i oso kena da virus. Brenda keep saying: my computer die oledy la!!!! How??? I said: i oso duno, fui swen sent it 2 me. I think brenda is d onli 1 hu kena da virus thingy. Coz mag said she didnt click on da link. Soooooooo sorry la brenda. I think now brenda can't c diz blog. When i reach home, i on d computer, actually noth weird happen. Then, my computer seems 2 be slower n slower. Finally, i can't even open internet explorer!!! Damn it. I think u will ask y u still can blog? I'm using a laptop. Then, my bro said we kena spyware. hav 2 reformat. So i agreed although i hav 2 lose all my previous files. My dad brought da windows XP CD n installing now. Hope i could use my competer back 2moro. U now wat my dad say? He say he won't share computer wif us(me n my bro) anymore. Hahaha. No need 2 rebut(malay) wif him anymore. But, i should wave goodbye 2 my files oledy. Quite sad. God, plz help me. Hope i can hav my computer back again!!!!

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