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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Haha....looooooooooooooong time didnt post.

The 1st pic is me, sweet yvonne, my band teacher in primary n cutie thiam joo.
The 2nd is thiam pet bro

Sry.....long time nvr blog oledy.Coz these days were kind of borin. Ya. Erm.....yesterday morning went 2 pandu puteri's meeting. Fuhyoh, da leader want us 2 run 2 rounds over our skool. Is not da skool field, is run outside da skool there 4 2 rounds n then hav 2 remember a tounge twister. The tounge twister is: BETTY BOUGHT A BIT OF BUTTER, BUT THE BIT OF BUTTER BETTY BOUGHT WAS BITTER, SO BETTY BOUGHT A BETTER BUTTER, TO MAKE THE BITTER BUTTER BETTER. Then juz sing songs lorr. Then hav a i think form 6 or those graduated senior came here n tell ur 2 become a queens 2 get your badge......when u hav 2 start...........Afterdat, went home lorr. Actually dat day was my primary skool's sports day, bcoz of the stupid meeting, i can't meet my pet sisters n pet brothers especially thiam joo. Haha, he is a cute boy. Very short 1. Juz like munta in shaman king. I hope he is taller now. I put his pic in diz blog. After taking lunch, go 2 skool 4 attending da chinese society....da girls hu danced were dancing ....singing....playing.....eating....nonsense oso....hahaha. Then it ends. I 4gotten 2 bring my pics....sad la.....well....i think diz all of yesterday's stuff....

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