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Friday, June 09, 2006

I got nothin back.

2day, went 2 1u wif amelia, yuelynn n ejuinn. We walked da whole complex, my legs damn pain. Actually i wanna but sum clothes.So, we went 2 tropicana life, radio active, body glove n more. When we were in body glove. Da clothes were great, actually i wanna buy, but when i look on da price......I'm almost fainted. U noe larr, i'm so poor, not much money 2 let me waste. Then, amelia saw 2 T-shirt, quite beautiful. She try on it.Then, she decided 2 buy. It was sale, 1st item we get 10% discount, 2nd item got half price!!! Ejuinn introduced me 1 of da pants dat she bought, very nice n i luv it. she say she got both colors. I said maybe i'll buy. Then yuelynn oso saw a pants, she can't decide does she wanna buy. So...amelia went 2 da cashier counter n pay money. So funny dat we thought dat 2 shirts 2gether were onli RM49 sumthin(coz got discount mah so accidentally look wrong lorr). Amelia took out onli 1 RM50 cash. Then da cashier say is RM77. Coz da total amount was showed very small under da comp screen. Then she take more money n paid. All of us laugh. HAhahaha!!!!! After dat, we past dream land, actually we wanna take pic. But bcoz amelia used much money so didnt take lorr. Then, it was lunch time, yuelynn n i were starving. Then we walked here n there, then we reached MCdonalds. Wow, so much ppl rite there. So....we leave. We walked here n there again. Finally, we saw BURGER KING n we straight away go there n take our lunch. When we were taking lunch, suddenly a guy asked us 2 donate money. He talked so fast, i absoulutely dun noe what the hell is he talking. It was nonsense. Then yuelynn were da 1st one hu donate ten ringgit. N then amelia n ejuinn. At last, i saw all of them donate. No reasons dat i dun do dat. So....i gave da guy 10 bucks. I'm so kesal(in malay)!!!! I juz hope i could take my money back. Then we went 2 arcade n play, yuelynn says he saw enrico(my classmate) was playing gamesa wif a gurl.The gurl, i had no idea hu she is. I keep losing in playing race car. Amelia was totally an expert in dat!!!! Then we played other games like drum, basketball.....etc.
After dat, yuelynn decided 2 go back 2 body glove n buy her pants n clothes. So....we follow lorr.Then we were walking here, walikng there, eating ice cream. Saw Chow Ern, Hui Ying (prefects in my skool). Chow ern came 2wards me n asked me wats my name. I'm freezed 4 a while then say my name. Then she juz go away. I had no idea y she ask diz. Then, Guess wat hu we met?? We met PROJECT SUPERSTAR WINNER JOHN!!! He was wearing a green shirt.Dat time he pass by us but three of us dunno except yuelynn. Then we turn back n c izzit him. Definately, he is. A lot of ppl took their phone n took pic. Then he went in 2 a saloon(i think he is try 2 escape us) Then, we turned back again, n walk around. Then we realized dat we hav 2 go back 2 old wing n buy sushi. So....turned back again, actually we tried 2 c is john in da saloon. Ejuinn n i were infront of amelia n yuelynn, n we were walking quite fast. When we pass by a shop, suddenly john walked out from da shop. Ejuinn n I almost langgar(in malay) him. Then ejuinn n i were shocked n we laugh 2. HAhahaha!!!! Then we bought sushi n bubble tea. I belanja(in malay) Ejuinn. Hers is RM4 n mine is onli RM2.50!!!! Nvm la, as a thank you dat she joined us n hav leg pain wif us. When i walked out from 1u, i realized dat i bought nothin at all. Then , send yuelynn n amelia back. 2moro, my bro n i will go 2 1u again, coz my mom want me 2 buy da clothes. N we gonna watch movies. Actually wat i wrote up there i duno did i arranged correctly, amelia if u now tell me arr!!! Sweet dreams n bb.

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