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Friday, June 16, 2006

Ankle Socks.......izzit cool??

2day, my skool period starts wif art. When we were copying notes, 2 prefects came in n called Brenda and Mag's name. I was thinking, wats goin on. Then, i saw foong teng, jan yi, brenda n mag went out. N then, da prefects said sum qords 2 them. Then, i saw both of them take out their socks. Then we realized they weared ankle socks. I asked Sonia about ankle socks. She say coz propersocks look very nerd. I agreed wif her. But i duno did da girls think like dat. Then, recess time, me n Sonia hav 2 borrow 1 book 4 Ruinie. Then, we ate very fast. When we go up da stairs, we saw Fui Swen n Jessie's sock oso got rampas. We was shocked coz even Fui Swen oso kena. Coz Fui Swen's didnt higher than ankle 4 3cm. Hey, if Fui Swen n Jessie's ankle is very low how? So she still consider wearing ankle socks arr?Then, maths period. I asked Cik Munirah about da questions, then she say she will pay more attension 2 me!!!!!!!! It was juz a simple question onli kay? Need 2 b so strict meh? So kesal dat i asked her. Haha, but i noe she is trying 2 take care of me. Then english period............geography period. Da teacher suddenly say she wanna chack our note book. I got do, but a little only. Then she come towards n check me, she say 2 little. I was so scared coz if i go out, i hav 2 be punished by our classmate. Luckilly she say nvm. ...........Then, da teacher asked us(da ppl hhu did note) how 2 punish them. Say Wei said: let them pull their ears n go 2 d end of da block n come back 2 our class again. Then, i duno y da gurls juz accept n da guys refused. After punish, da bell rings. When i was passing by Chow Ern(prefect) n a prefect lost their socks. Omg, even prefects oso kena rampas. Then, went home lorr. I'm quite kesian 2 those hu got rampas their socks, 2 collect their socks back, they hav 2 wear proper socks on monday. Ankle Socks......Izzit Cool?

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