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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm quite crazy n 38 2day

2day, teachers were having meeting, so no teacher lorr. The probates guard us 4 two lessons. All of them arr, really weird. They suddenly come n say: Plz soften ur voice, although i didnt speak at all. I think they r oso bored. But they can ponteng class. 4 me, is good la, but 4 them.......... Me, Sonnie(Sonia Ong), Teng Teng(Foong Teng), Michhie(Michelle Chuah), n Ruinie(Han Rui, I changed her nickname again) gathered. Teng Teng was bz'ing on writing 'Sarang He Yo'. It means I love you. Aders including me were copying the science thingy. Afterdat, we CHAT CHAT CHAT.........I kept laughing n laughing when i said any words. Stupid huh??Then.............
After 2 lessons, da kolot chinese teacher came. Fuhyoh, her class so damn bosan. She wasted 1&1/4 period 2 change our place. Then, 1/4 time 2 talk about ruinie n yanyan(han yan). Coz they went 2 da prefects motivation campaign. Afterdat, giv hmwk lo. During dat 2 period, tinetine(Christine Cheah), Angel(Angelica Tee), Zhi Qing, me n.......we were chating by writing on a paper. Coz we dun want da teacher 2 change our place ma. diz n dat lor...Then recess time.......I apologize 2 brenda after recess. Felt very very sorry 2 her. It was oso my fault la. Then, english lesson. Sonia n i were whispering about da series. Then, we keep laughing n laughing. Then, da guys were talking about Say Wei n Huey Wern. Coz two of them went out. Then they ask me n sonnie, wat will u think dat say wei n huey wern is doin. I said, noes....maybe.....Then, sonnie jokes: they will b at da PBSM room. (inside got bed, so....)Then, sonnie n i keep talking about them, n laughing n laughing, even Enrico tak tahan oledy...Hahaha..
I felt dat, y i'm so 38 arr??Then.......malay lesson....maths. I helped Cik Munirah 2 carry book after skool. I luv da office. Coz of da air-cong la. Then,,,go home lorr.

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