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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Changed mah blogskin

Hah, changed my blogskin. Actually i like d old 1. But i'm kind of ppl dat needs fresh things. Haha. Ya, i changed a lot of things about diz blogskin. Actually i juz want da image n da colour only. Da title, da script down there, da welcoming page.......i changed all. Coz da skin is kind of like...."y i can't get your true love?" I'm not gonna think like dat, so i changed a little bit. It becomes da theme--TRUE. Haha. Hope u all like it. Any complains or other advise about da skin, tell me at da tagboard. I'll always except ur advise n praised( did i sound very proud??) Ya, dats it. Well, 2 day....nothing special happened larr. Juz run my life as ussual. At last, sweet dreams n hav a nice 2moro. Hope u guys n gurls like da skin.

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