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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miu Yinn's Sweet 16!!

Celebrated Miu Yinn's Sweet 16!!
It was a surprise party with LiChing, Jessie, Nicole, Janie, Shannen, Audrey, SookVen, Me and of course SeeToh MiuYinn!!

Happy Birthday Miu!!

An Adorable Teapot Set with Teacups and Tealeaves
FYI, Venue : The Teapot Cafe SS2

Pretty fingers of Ms. Seah Sze Ting

Take 2!! OK!
Bday Girl Miu Yinn

Jessie and Miu

Bday Girl and Me =)

Loupo Jessie

Nicole, wearing a PlayBoy shirt =)

Always Pretty Janie

Li Ching Babe


The Beautiful Ladies...

Oh my God, 7 more minutes to 12am...
Miu, today's your bday
I just wanna say you've been a wonderful friend to me
It was stupid of me that I didn't really know u in Form 1 though we were in the same class...
So it was so nice that we actually get closer this year!! bai tuo!!!!
Happy Birthday La!!!

Happy Birthday Miu Yinn!!!!

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