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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sick Sunday

Everyone was kinda sick today
I still have endless phlegm in my throat.
My parents have light flu
but it was enough to make them go frustrated and totally irritable for the entire day!!
I asked to go for MPH's book fest but they weren't in a good mood
and it was raining so they just ignored me....
and I was pretty upset coz i really wanted to buy some books
but now, i'm not anymore
coz i just know that
There will be a Big Bad Wolf Books Sale
many had been anticipating this sale
the books will be cheaper than MPH's sale......

Check out their website,

So I was stucked in the house today
and finished watching Rosy Business this morning
and Oh my God, this Hong Kong series is one of the best I had ever seen
The story is really interesting and everything was so close to our daily lives
though the setting is in the Ching Dynasty
but all the conflicts still happened in these modern days.....
The problems between boss and employees, horrible government "ministers", business challenges, humanity and money....bla bla bla....
It's really awesome....

Love it!!!

I was bored and looking for sumthin to do
So.....i decided to paint my nails
I had been pretty lazy bout it
but I really had nothing to do
so why not paint my kinda-discolored-toe-and-finger-nails
Choosing the color....
I actually read this page in a magazine when i was in a clinic (got serious flu that day)
and I snap this page down as reference since i actually have similar nail colors
so I'm basically going towards Modern Romantic style for this holiday......=)

I chose the nude pink(SkinFood) for my finger nails
since i don't like to see crazy colors while i'm playing my piano
and the deep purple(EtudeHouse) for my toenails
coz this fall-winter season's color is PURPLE!!

Tools that are a MUST!!

Having Piano class tomorrow.....
and nothing else....
hope there will be ______

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