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Thursday, November 26, 2009

KOSE Warehouse Sale at Dataran Prima

KOSE Warehouse Sale in Dataran Prima
tomorrow's the last day
don't miss it!
I wanna go again!!

when i got the flyer for the sale
i thought my mom wouldn't let me go
but suprisingly she said yes
coz she was a big fan of KOSE products when she was young
yes....i didn't know they existed in my mom's age =)
so we were supposed to go together,
but i went by myself in the end coz my mom's not feeling well
I had never use KOSE before coz their products are seriously expensive to me
but the sale really worth something coz everything was so much cheaper =)

Their products include KOSE's sister companies
like Fasio, Cosme Decorte, and Beaute de Kose(the make-up)
The skin care products are real cheap if u compare to counters' price
but it's still abit pricey for me
i din bother to look at the skin care counter at all
so bought the make-up products at discounted price =)

2 eye shadow palette and 2 lip gloss for RM103,
isn't it worth it??

Cyber Shine Eyes Eye Color Compact
in 002 Precious Jade
I bought it with RM40 only
the sales girl say it's a limited edition product
and its normal price is RM149
I really like the case, simple and nice
and it comes with 4 types of brush
plus the color is suitable for all kinds of occasion and season =)

Rouge Fantasist Plump Shine Lip Color
in PK 800 Kissy Pink
this costs RM94 ($28) online
bought it with RM35
3pcs = RM100
the sales girl say mine was the last piece
really sweet and coral pink color...

Lip Gloss in PK 800 Pink Gem
costs RM61($18) online
bought it with RM 18
2pcs = RM 30
It's also the last piece from the stock
I really like the light pink tint

Fasio's 3D Perfect Eyes
in D-14
costs RM34 ($10) online
bought it with RM 10 instead of USD 10!!!!
2 pcs = RM16
I wanted to buy a silvery-indigo colour
and this is perfect....seriously a steal for this one

Oh, i want to share something stupid when I was shopping in the warehouse sales
okay, i reached there at 5.45 and the flyer says they will close at 6.00
so i was to nervous or sumthin, all this happened.....

before i go into the lift

security guy : er miss, no bags allowed
me : huh?
u can't bring bags up, we'll have to keep your bag in a plastic bag first
oh (i don't feel like putting my bag in)
do you think you're going to buy something?

so i took my purse and cell phone out
and put my bag inside a large red color plastic bag for them to zip it up
then i went upstairs with my purse, cell phone and the large plastic bag in my hands
and when i was looking around and asking for the price for the products

SHIT, i didn't bring money!!!

of coz it was a MONOLOG
so then i text my dad to ask for money
I thought i was damn stupid,
maybe i was too nervous or something
Then i was like an idiot over there
having an empty purse in my hand,
standing and waiting for my bro to bring my money
yea.....must remind myself next time =)


Love Nuffnang


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