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Monday, November 23, 2009

Self-Pampering Sunday... VO5 Hot Oil Hair Treatment and Garnier Body Scrub =)

Didn't go anywhere yesterday since my parents had a wedding reception to attend
plus my mom is not feeling well
hope she'll be fine soon
Then my bro and I ordered McD for dinner!!
and the McDonald's Prosperity Beef Burger is BACK!!!!
and's super-freaking-yummily delicious
Love Onions and Pepper =)
but i realize the burger size in ads and the actual size has a MASSIVE difference!!
yea......they have a custom-made burger for ads shooting
anyways, the curly fries are damn tasty as well =)

Ad Image

Actual Size
The ad one is obviously bigger right??
and my curly fries wasn't t even full!!

Then I had Nothing to do after dinner and it was only 7.00 pm
my brother was using the comp
and The TV shows seriously bored me further, FYI : I don't have Astro
then I was looking into the mirror and I can't bear to see my 4F hair
Frizzy, Fluffy, Freaking and Fly-away
so went into my room to see what I can do
then found this VO5 hot oil that I had used for once only
took one of the tubes and gave myself a second try
and did a body scrub just for fun =)

Dried my hair and all
and Thank God the Hot Oil actually works
not entirely but still it cut off 2F's
It smooths down the frizz
and my hair is kinda straighter and less fluffy
but it's still flying away from each other and it still looked kinda freaky
and I know why it didn't work the last time I use
coz I use too much Shampoo and Conditioner
and i actually washed off all the nutrients
but this time I just washed my scalp with shampoo only
so the results was satisfying =)

Left : VO5 Hot Oil Treatment Tubes
It costs less than 15 bucks for 4 tubes
so each treatment cost you 3-4 bucks only
very worth it if u compare it to a salon treatment =)
Right : Garnier Body Light Brightening Exfoliating Scrub
washes off dead skin cells
and gives smoother and brighter skin
and the first thing I noticed was that I can actually see my bluish veins clearly

hehe.... My Moo Moo Cow Shower Puff
(She's not hanging herself!!)
Mummy bought this for me 3 years ago =)


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    where u buy the garnier body scrub?? can u tell me? thanks a lot...

  2. are you the sad girl??
    I bought it from caring pharmacy anyway... =)


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