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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes, Finished my first book in the hols!!

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks....
which I bought it in MPH warehouse sale in March for 15 bucks only
yea, I didn't really have time to read it
but after reading A Walk to Remember also by Sparks
and Esther the die-hard fan of Nicholas Sparks reading his books all the time
I told myself I must read this book....hehe

I finished it in 4 days time,
to be accurate, i would say i finished it in 10 hours
Coz i spent almost two hours a day reading this book
and i've been reading this book from 9am till noon this morning...
And tears streamed across my whole face when i was reading the climax and the ending
There was tears of melancholy during the climax
and in the end, tears of Joy!!
I thought this book was really good, and heart gripping

okay, I'll just talk bout the story concisely from what i've read,
Well It's about A really hot bachelor, with good job, money, house,personality and of course good looks...who had not find true love in his life
and then he meets this young woman, Gabby-which already had a boyfriend-that seems to click with him, so they struggled in their relationships and later they got married
When they thought they were living the best part of their lives with each other
Mistakes happened, and that led to an Accident, and the Accident tested both of them
And Travis, the husband, have to make a really vital yet heartbreaking choice.....

yea that's about it,
I know Sparks' book is gonna be tragic but still I can't stop myself from feeling heartbroken after the accident,
Everything happened in a sudden
just like waking u up in the middle of your sweetest dreams
coz everything was perfect and romantic and sparkles and all.....
Then it was a really dark time, really sad for me,
I cried a lot eventhough I know the ending was a happy one
Especially when he said "Goodbye, Sweetheart."
yea, the tears just kept leaking and flowing and they didn't stop until the happy ending shows up...
the second book of Nicholas Sparks that made me cried.......

The first book of Nicholas Sparks that I read,
A Walk To Remember
Again, it's tragic at the climax
Everything was so nice and smooth and sweet
then suddenly the nightmare comes
then I can't help but cried at the event
another heart-gripping book =)

The movie adaptation of A Walk To Remember
Staring Mandy Moore and Shane West
I cried a lot too when I was watching the movie
And please listen to the music in this movie
Especially this one,
It's Gonna Be Love by Mandy Moore

Its Gonna Be Love - Mandy Moore

Next book I'm gonna read in the holidays....
but I won't read it immediately
gotta take a Break
True Believer also by Nicholas Sparks
Recommendation from Esther Lee =)

Nicholas Sparks
An awesome author who writes Heart-Gripping Stories
And I really thought there is True Love when I read his books =)

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