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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Departure - One of The Best Movie I had ever seen.

If I ever said any movie is the best
I'm definitely gonna change the statement right now
Just finished watching a Japanese Movie with my family,
Directed by Yojiro Takita
Starring Masahiro Motoki as Daigo Kobayashi and Ryoko Hirosue as Mika Kobayashi
This is a 2008 movie that my brother bought this year.
He watched it long long time ago.
Then tonight we ran out of entertainment from the TV shows
so my bro introduced this film to us
FYI, my brother has a very unique sense in Films and Movies
So we watched and Oh My God....
Really, Thank God for showing me this film.

As you can see from the photos
It's a story about a man,Daigo who lost his job as a cellist
ends up working as a undertaker
actually I'm not sure whether undertaker is the correct word
The job is to conduct encoffinment (placing the dead body into the coffin) procedure only
because of the high salary that his boss pays him
he didn't reject the job and kept it as a secret from his wife
then his wife left him after finding out the truth
coz most people thinks this job is a disgusting profession
but he persisted in his job,
helping lots of dead bodies and also their families at the same time
everyone who witnessed him doing the encoffinment process shows deep respect to him
including his wife
and in the end,
his father who left him when he was a kid was found dead
and he did the encoffinment process and also forgave his father for leaving him and his mother....

Okay, I know I didn't really describe how touching the movie is
but my big fat tears were streaming across my face
Seriously, watch it!!
and you'll find hope in life...
and you'll definitely change the way you look at things
especially if you are afraid of death
death of yourself, and your loved ones.....
It's the inevitable part in life....

A story about Love, Life, Death, Family, Humanity and Forgiving.

Death is like a door.
Death is not the end.
Death it's just a gateway to another part of your life.
And I'm the one who's guarding the door.
"Shōkichi Hirata, Departures"

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