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Saturday, November 28, 2009

2012......NOT REAL

Went to Tropicana City Mall yesterday
with my buddies,
MewYeong, Zhizheng, KahHou, KarHoong, Kensoon, CheeYung and Joshua
i think of myself as a boy whenever I'm with this gang
especially in school
but it turns out I'm not really a boy coz i don't play DOTA
DOTA was like the magic word of the day
and honestly, I don't know a single thing they were talking about
haha.....but we still had great times yesterday
Watched 2012, at the 2nd front row
Thanks to MewYeong.....
My neck aches!!
Then the guys were playing in the arcade
and I'm always amazed at how guys are so freaking good in car racing.....
so these are some shots that i've taken

This pic is seriously making me laugh!!

Okay anyway, just wanna talk about the movie
honestly i thought the movie was NOT REAL
not that the graphics wasn't real
actually they did a really good job on the graphics
not totally fake
but i thought that the story was too fake
not that I disagree with the so call prediction/prophecy
actually i don't know whether i believe it at all
but anyway, if the end of the world really comes,
and it happens to Jackson Curtis' Family
I don't think there's anyway they can escape it
i don't know, I just don't think they will be that lucky
or maybe I just don't think the way they survived touched me
it's just not clicking into my mind
I think they should show something more logical on surviving
instead of depending on luck
how many times in the world that u can run through a collapsing building?
run over a 5 meter crack?
avoided the hot lava and tephra of volcano eruption?
survived in a rolling hydraulic system?
possibly found two planes and someone who knows how to drive a plane?
I know i'm being picky and impossible
i don't know how, but just show it in a more realistic way plz??
But no matter how,
the message was pretty clear
Humans will only be grateful when Death is rising upon.
So be grateful and don't be selfish......
Everyone deserves a chance..
actually i thought the story will me about punishment and remorse
but it's more to humanity lor....
in conclusion,
It's good but not what I've thought....
Do Watch it =)

Will the world end?
honestly, I don't Know...
I wonder if they really have the arks built already????


  1. actors can be super lucky eh? haha!

  2. seriously! They missed all the flying debris! it's almost impossible! probability = 0.00000000000000001 -_-"

  3. yes!!! that's what I'm saying!! thanks for viewing people!!


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