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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Have a Dream for Weddings

It's Sunday
and I did nothing much so i decided to share something random
I have a deep interest in collecting Wedding Invitations and Wedding Party Favors
and I don't know why
I don't have a lot
coz i started collecting since this year
My parents have 2 wedding reception to attend this month
so now I have 6 of them Only....
but I'm always amazed when i Look at Them =)
They are like some message to me, a message of Happiness...

This is the only wedding that I've been to among all these invitations...
This is one is a bit different from usual coz it's a horizontal one
the cute red packet beside is the party favor for the wedding,
It has a Red Dates inside (枣生贵子)

My parents went to this reception last night
This is also pretty cool, combination of vintage and modern design....
The chocolates are still inside the beautiful organza bag =)

Hehe......I kept Malay Wedding Invitation also!!

This one is my Favorite
It's Light Gold in color
not like the traditional ones
simple and elegant
and both the envelope and invitation are like glittery and shining one
Love this =)

This is a pretty simple one....
The envelope looks pretty traditional and vintage...

This is a cute one
it actually has a case and a envelope, but i lost it
like the 2nd one, FYI the brides of these two weddings are sisters =)
They tied the invitation with Ribbons which i thought is really cute
and the small little motif on the cover is so adorable!!

This is a simple and usual one
I love it bcoz it's in Pink =)

Actually i wanted to be a Wedding Planner
and I think I still have this dream in Mind right now
but I just dunno whether I can make it or not
coz I'm not really good in planning, photography, or make-up and bla bla bla
I just love to witness weddings
I will smile like an idiot when I attend weddings
even though I don't know who are the people getting married
It's just and enjoyment to me, watching all these people being tied together
and witness the union of their souls =)
argh......I hadn't attend a wedding since last year!!!!
Oh God, I Pray that The Next Wedding in My Family is Coming Soon.
hehe, U know who you are.....

Paper cut outs....
Just trying to know more
Look at all my effort man......

Isn't it weird to own books like these when you're only sixteen and single??

To all my friends and family and everyone....
If u have a wedding, Please send me an invitation okay?????

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