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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking Back......They are always the best

I've been having lotza songs from 1995 till 2005 in my playlist these days
the songs that I listened when i was a kid and during the primary school years
and I realize how much I love these songs
and if u ask me,
i would say these songs and singers were hotter at that time than Lady Gaga right now

They were real hot during my primary school years.....
The group that I admire most!!
Coz they always give consistent performance and songs.
Basically every song in their album is awesome.
All Rise
You Make Me Wanna
If You Come Back
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

I listened to their songs since I was in kindergarten
No joke, my brother and I watch the MV VCD over and over again
we never get sick of it.
Unbeatable vocals and aCapella perfomance!
but now, Bryan actually left the group...
The Whole Coast to Coast Album
Against all Odds (ft.Mariah Carey)
Uptown Girl
Swear it All Over Again
If I Let You Go
Fool Again

Backstreet Boys!!
Westlife was always the slow and sentimental songs type.
Then the backstreet boys dominate the dance, groove and fast pop songs.
All of them can dance really well
and of course the songs are nothing BUT awesome!!!
and now they are back (but without HOT Kevin)
with their latest single, Straight to My Heart.
I Want it That Way
As Long As You Love Me
Shape of My Heart
Get Down
The Call
Larger Than Life

oh my God I really miss this group
their songs are like freaking nice with different attitudes
and their voices are so sweet
beautiful songs just like the 2 of them =)
Pretty Boy
Don't Say You Love Me
Mirror Mirror

The Corrs
An awesome quartet that are all unique and talented
their music are simple but very affecting
I miss them also!
Only When I Sleep
What Can I Do

Celine Dion
This is an important one...
I think i started listening to her songs since I was born
But if u ask me now,
I can't really name all the songs that I used to listen
coz there are too many and I don't really remember since I was still a kid
She has A Powerful yet Beautiful Voice and
most of her songs are simply romantic love songs that you can't really find these days.
Because You Loved Me
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
My Heart Will Go On
Beauty And The Beast

Britney Spears
Her songs and music videos kinda dominated all the music charts that time
and also now of course
but i remember i listened to her songs and watched her MV's every single day
She's the princess of Pop music
but that time her music had the hot and young Britney edge
which is a bit different from her recent songs
She changed a lot....after so many things
and her music shows...
I still love her right now =)
Oops I Did It Again
I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
Baby baby One More Time

Avril Lavigne
Her Songs was always with me throughout my primary school years
She was still a brunette back then
and she's the one who introduced smokey eyes to girls....
I really love her songs,
Strong Attitude and Full of Emotions and Spirit!!
And there were fun, lively and young songs as well.
I think she's the one that made me listen to pop/rock music
Sk8er Boy

My Happy Ending
I'm With You

Keep Holding On

To me, they are Phenomenal
They can dance hot, sing hot.....
ALL The songs were a blast
best of pop songs
it's real sad there's no N'sync anymore
This I Promise You
Bye Bye Bye
It's Gonna Be Me
I Drive Myself Crazy
Tearin Up My Heart
I Want You Back

S Club 7
another awesome group that beautified my childhood
with their wonderful and lively songs
i want u all back in my life!!!
Never Had A Dream Come True
Don't Stop Moving

There are other songs that I really love at that time and also Now
Hero - Mariah Carey
When You Believe - Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
Colours of The Wind - Vanessa Williams
There You'll Be - Faith Hill
Right Here Waiting For You - Richard Marx
I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly
How Do I Live Without You - Leann Rimes
The Tide Is High - Atomic Kitten
Wanna Be - Spice Girls
Because You Live - Jesse McCartney
Genie In a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera
Reflection - Christina Aguilera
So Yesterday - Hilary Duff
When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating
No Matter What - Boyzone

The list goes on and on....
I really miss the 1990's songs...

Backstreet Boys' Everybody Music Video =)
I used to watch this everyday after i come back school during primary school

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