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Monday, July 18, 2011

Blood Type A -- Pessimistic and Too Sensitive

hehe did blood testing again last friday in college, well this time we did the pricking using lancets....which is not that fun compared to high school wan...where u have to trust your partner and let your partner prick u manually, which was so much more painful (but not like super pain la) and yea, i remembered Jessie (my partner at that time) pressed my fingers till one stream of blood just flew out at high speed and the table has a long long trail of my blood... and I remember seeing some of the guys kinda funny coz they were like, "aahhhh, don't so pain arrrr!!!!, eh eh seriously don't sooo pain aaaa!!!!" .....yea, those were the awesome memories in high school.
Last year's test, done on a ELDONCARD.
Cool lerr... :D

The latest one, done on a WHITE TILE.
I was so glad that anti serum A is BLUE in color. Coz that's like my fave mannn :D

Anyways, I kinda searched on the internet for those personality analysis according to blood type
Basically, most websites calls the Blood A type people 
Trust me, every single website says the same thing.
actually it's kinda true laa, I worry a lot. I just want things to go right. Some people call it perfectionist. Well, for me, i don't have high standards for most things, but when it comes to things that really needs to be done properly, and yea by then I'll be a perfectionist. Worry here worry there. 

 That's very much me. I will do whatever I can, tahan as long as I can, so that I wont end up losing myself haha...
well in case u cant read chinese.
The bottom line says "Blood Type A people are perfectionist and think highly of themselves"
Well I might me kinda perasan laaa, but not really like proud la. In fact I'm kinda lack of confidence.
And yes, I'm kinda cautious. But when I don't. That's when the troubles starts flooding out...
erm.....difficult to adapt, I suppose i'm doing fine. In fact I do everything I could to just fit in. In terms of hard or easy, hmm I suppose I did find it a bit challenging to fit in, for me, it does take some time. 

And finally,
well I'm not sure how others think about whether I'm understanding anot. But I think I'm quite caring in the sense that I like to listen to people. I sucked in comforting people because I don't really know how to speak. But I do love to listen, hoping that after telling me how they feel and what's happening, they can feel better.
and yes, just like this comic, I'm always there to give my friends a hug whenever they need me. But erm, I wont say "Do not drool" la LOL 
yea, if u just want someone to listen to you and supports you (just listen, coz I can never speak the right words to comfort people), look for me laa :D

Anyways, the comics you've seen just now are soooooo adorable right??
They are the Blood Type Comic, if i'm not mistaken, they originate from Korea. (Just read Comic King Magazine recently)
Yea, Koreans have a strong belief that Blood Type actually tells the personality of an individual. That's why they believe in looking for the correct blood type when it comes to looking for their other half.
so here's some comic about the other blood types :D

 Type B:
Cuteeeee :D

Well although some of them are quite true, but after all, you cant really just classify people into 4 groups of people right?? and after all, no one's is perfect. So we'll just have to learn to appreciate others' positive sides and also learn to tolerate their flaws. It might be kinda hard for the second one, but it's better to try than give up. :D

hehe.....Introduce you to my Business Club BOD members
well we had a speedy-photoshoot on last friday LOL
Photo Credits to Eva, the pretty girl at the centre.
Yea, so there's JitYoong (from left), JiaShen, Roy, Eva, Zhi Kai and JinYun. (and also Gerald, the vice treasurer, who's not in the photo) Forgive me if there's any spelling mistakes.
I still cant believe how did I become the vice sec, but I had fun being part of this club. Learned a lot in terms of brain storming and communication skills. People who go to meetings will realize I'm super quiet during meetings, well that's because I seriously have no idea what to say, all i can do is to listen and learn from you guys, how to voice out an idea, how to assess risks and overcome problems. 
Anyway, Guys, We're so gonna make lots of moooneeeeey!!!!!

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