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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Duri-Duri.....Wished I have thorns that could protect myself....

It's so weird today. This afternoon, I was just telling my friend how long I never eat Durian and how rare is it for me to eat durian coz my mom is not a fan of it. But guess what, the first thing my dad said to me when i got into the car. 
"Eh, You wanna eat durian aaa?" 
and I was like "whaaaaaat??? durian?"
he sound so casual, as if we eat durian all the time LOL
trust me, i haven't eat durian for years, i think it's almost a decade, serious, no joke. Coz my mom use to like eating durian when i was a kid. But dunno why, while I was in the last 2 years of primary school, my mom stopped eating which means all of us have to stop eating. My dad had always been a big fan of durians, and honestly, I can see his face glow today. His expression when he was eating the durian simply says two words, Total Satisfaction. I seldom see him so hyped up.

The new Durian IPhone, better than Apple XD
I know this is idiotic. My brother was saying, don't be so "fei" (lifeless)

I ate some only coz I was kinda full. But it really is yummy, after N years, i tot i wont like it that much anymore, but turns out i still love the taste LOL

Drank salt water after eating, but the smell is still very strong....
I guess I have to brush my teeth for N times tonight....

remember I said something about being nervous on last Sunday's post??
Yea, I went for an audition for our coming Midsummer Masquerade.
Yea I paired up with JinYun and performed two songs in piano unplugged.
I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith, and Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
And sadly, we didn't make it.
Yea, Dynamite was my idea, and I failed to perform the song during audition. I sang horribly. And yea that's the reason they didn't choose us.
I was kinda sad when my friend told me, in fact I was hoping that he's lying to me LOL
But yea, I'm fine after all.
I'm sad not because I didn't get to prove that I'm a good singer.
I knew I was never good in singing.
I'm sad because I can't be part of the performances.
Afterall this is my one and only midsummer party in MCKL, really didn't wanna miss the fun as being a performer. TT.TT
But I know others deserved it, they totally did better than me. And I wish them all the best!!
I'm sure it'll be an awesome night!!!!

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