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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korean Style Dinner on Saturday Night.... Yummy

Yesterday, brother came back from 1u, and guess what he bought me imported-from-Korea Starbucks Americano from Cold Storage!! Yea it's from the same double shot series like the Espresso and Cream I bought him last time (from Lotte Mart 1u)

Anyways, the fact that Americano is like the favorite drink for most Koreans gave me the idea of having a Korean style dinner that night. So I told mommy that I'm gonna cook the Korean Kimchi Ramen and turns out that she was planning to cook something like Sam Gyeop Sal (korean grilled pork)

So yea, we cooked the ramen and added some veggies into the kimchi soup.
and mommy's version of Sam Gyeop Sal looks like this.

Grilled pork belly with tofu.

Kinda similar to Sam-Gyeop-Sal right??? and trust me it taste awesome!!!!

Our Kimchi Soup :D
It taste great though it's from powder soup. 
It would be better if we cooked with real kimchi. But too bad, Kimchi does not last long in my house :D
We added tofu, potatoes, carrots and kimchi flakes. 

So awesome i tell you. The taste is likee.....i dunno, abit sour, abit spicy, it's just yummy. Even my brother likes it, so obviously it's something nice :D

Everyone of us enjoyed the dinner. Mommy loves the soup. Brother totally indulged in those spongy and tasty ramen and those awesome fatty pork hahahaha. Well daddy, I think he prefers the REAL KIMCHI more than the kimchi soup.

Korean Kimchi Ramen!!! Yummy. 
This is the made-in-korea one, so this one taste much better than other brands. TRUST ME!

 Yea, so dinner was great but if the weather is slightly less hot, it would be perfect. So to cool things down, heheeee, time for my STARBUCKS ICED AMERICANO

Not that I'm biased to Starbucks. But seriously, the Americano is just awesome. Love the coffee taste, not too strong but the mild scent and bitterness is just nice. And it's not too sweet, which I really like. It's really perfect. Now i know why Koreans LOVE Iced Americano. Cooling and Refreshing. 

Kay, another week starts tomorrow....I'm nervous!!!!
will tell u guys why :D

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