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Saturday, July 02, 2011

The First B2ST Fan Meeting Asia Tour Live in Malaysia

from left : Kikwang, DooJoon, HyunSeung, YoSeob, Dongwoon and JunHyung
One of the best Idol Groups in the current K-Pop Scene -- B2ST/BEAST
It's been only one and a half year since their debut but they've become such awesome artist with a strong fan base (B2UTIES).
And yes, they made their way to M'sia yesterday to have this awesome fan meeting session where they totally brought the best and powerful live performance!!! I'm so honoured to be one of the audience there!!!
So the fanmeeting was at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach, the show starts at 8.30pm. I reached there at 7pm, only to see this :
Crazy Queue man....

So once we got in, My Brother and I ran towards the surf beach so that we could walk pass all the people who were in front of us. What I didn't know was that the distance from the entrance to the surf beach is so freaking long.....ran like crazy and so freaking tired. Luckily I wore flats....
 This is how far I was from the stage....
I was like at the 3rd row of the rock zone, but there's always these people who thought that they are White Blodd Cells and will do anything to squeeze in and stand in front of u. Hate those people.

1. Opening
So waited for about one and a half hour. And they appeared before my eyes!!!! I was so thrilled man, they were soooo hawt, though I was looking from a distance....but still....DAMN HOT AND DAMN CUTE AND DAMN "YENG"!!!
To my surprise, they were very ON TIME lol!
So to warm up the stage, they brought us 2 songs, SPECIAL AND SOOM!!

I was trying to capture the "Soom"-ending-pose. XD

2. DooJoon's Bday
After that, they started celebrating Doo Joon's Bday which is actually on the 4th of July.
Everyone sang the Happy Birthday song in Korean.
SaengIl Chukahamida!!!

3. Interview
Then there was a short interview session with them. They tried to speak some BM and turns out they know NOTHING but words like Sate, Laksa and Durian LOL, the way they pronounce is like.....SO-SO ADORABLE. Then they were asked with questions from the fans.They were really cute while answering the questions. They kinda act like they understand what the MC was asking but actually they don't LOL. DongWoon was really really lively that night. He kept throwing english words like, "Come On Baby" and "Are you ready?" in a really sexy-cutie way, which threw all the fans crazy.

4. More songs
Then they sang another two songs, Beautiful and Shock!!
This two songs were my fave for the night. In both songs, I can hear their perfect vocals and harmony. Seriously, their live vocals are very good too, almost flawless. and erm. Junhyung's rap is so nice in live!!! And shock was like....AWESOME. They danced really well and everyone was like so high and singing along to the song. Whenever the word SHOCK comes out, u can seriously feel like a shock running through the place. That feeling is really awesome!

I wanted to catch the Shock-pose too. But too bad, camera sucks....

5. Fans Interacting Game Session
Then there was this fans gaming session where they chose 6 lucky fans to be on stage with them. I didn't bother to take photos coz I was way too jealous LOL. Yea they played this bowling game. And Yoseob's partner was this really funny malay girl who kept hugging him LOL and Yoseob ended up shouting "CUKUP" lol, really, he shouted in BM hahahaa...he's so adorable man.... and he was acting really nice to the fan la, he didn't mind letting her hug so many times. Others were really nice too. That's why I was so envious.....At the end, DongWoon's group won. DongWoon was really nice lorr....i think the fan asked for her signature while they were waiting for their turn to play, and DongWoon actually went to get a pen himself from a stage crew and signed on a board, and after that he signed on the prize as well. Lucky that girl man....haiz....jealous all those girls, they actually got to take a polaroid photo with b2st. Lol I use to think those girls who got jealous of other girls-who got to interact with the idols- very funny, but turns out when u r witnessing them, u just can't help but to feel jealous too!!

6. Last Two Songs
After that torturing game session....
They performed the two songs from their latest album, On Rainy Days and Fiction!!!
Again live vocals were awesome, Yoseob rocks man.....i repeat, Yoseob Rocks!! what an awesome singer. and trust me, Hyunsung's live vocal is way way WAY better!!!! Then Fiction, waaaa, it's so much better in live performance man....especially the dance moves..."YENG" TO THE MAX!

The Gliding move from Fiction! *Thumbs-up*

They went backstage after that and we started shouting encore!!
Of course can't let them leave like that right???
So yeap, the Super High-High Encore session starts!!
They sang 3 song from their previous albums.
Oasis (one of my fave)
I like You Most
Very Important You (V.I.U)

I didn't really take photos coz I was really enjoying. The atmosphere was HIGH AND POWERFUL!!
Oasis was so sweet and touching. Then V.I.U was like....ELECTRIFYING
Jumped like crazy....

DooJoon kissing the screen....

I was kinda sad when they disappear from stage.
But dunno why, while they were going down from the platform, YoSeob suddenly jump off the platform and back on stage again. Maybe he left something on stage I guess. I can't believe he jump man, it must be very high to jump from the descending platform. Hope he didn't hurt himself.
Anyways, here's some extra observation I had during the concert.
Most Hyper : Yoseob and Dongwoon
Least Hyper : KiKwang. No offense, I think he's way too tired. According to him, he's the latest to arrive yesterday. He probably had some work to do b4 this, that's why he look kinda tired and therefore not so hyper.
But actually I realize all of them looked tired. My brother says Yoseob's dark circles was really deep. Really hope they will get some rest in Sunway Hotel. Well the ones who really impressed me with their live vocals was Hyun Seung and YoSeob. Others erm, they sound just the same as the CD's, i'm not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing laaa....but they definitely performed well.
I was kinda sad that they didn't perform Bad Girl. That's like my fave song man.... T.T
I still love them no matter what.....and no doubt the DANCE WAS AWESOME TO WITNESS IN LIVE!
Well this is something extra, I realize actually there's not many people in the rock zone. Behind me was only one or two rows of people only. Probably because the tix were too expensive. I think many fans couldn't afford. yea, if I didn't have the free tix , I wouldn't have bought the tix too, coz after all, they performed 9 songs only, and the rock zone cost RM188?? It's more expensive than a HK artist's full concert tickets.

I'mma B2UTY forever....

Love You Loads, Please come back again!!!!


  1. Wow! Great concert!! I'm more to a SNSD fan though. :)

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I'm a SNSD FAN TOO!!!!! can't wait for them to be here!!! -- Jiawen


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