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Saturday, July 09, 2011


Hihi!!! I'm blogging in Starbucks LOL
Came here with Vince...
hehe now she's the one having exams :D
which means I could use her laptop while she's studying, wuahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
but I've been doing research for my coming Physics Lecture Presentation....
I've been facing the words like Kirchhoff, Potential Difference, Current for hours...
My head is gonna burst soon, so I'm taking a break now and decided to blog...

I'm kinda sleepy now....
Probably because of the medicine I've taken.
Went to see the doctor yesterday
I don't have to be a psychic to know that he will say I have flu symtoms

and just like what I've expected, my good old friends are back with me...
Mr. Antibiotic and Ms Loratadine

Until now, my nose is still super blocked, I seriously think that I have Cyctic Fibrosis lol
feel like chopping off my nose now

I wished I could do that
To get rid of those mucus and save people at the same time LOL!

Hope that I will recover very very soon.....
okay, now, something I wanna share


They just won SHOWDOWN 2011
they are seriously good man....
they worked so so hard to go beyond their limit, and of course they totally deserved it!!
I'm so glad that Malaysia Have awesome crew like this.
The finalists were very good too, I must say this year's SHOWDOWN'S participant's quality is very very good.
Dennis and Chris is super super cool!!


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