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Saturday, July 23, 2011

HomeTown is better than any other Town XD

Food food food Review!!!!
So, went to Hometown Hainan Coffee at Taman Sea on Friday which is right after my Parents Lecturer Conference. Well it's not my first time over there, but dunno why I just felt like doing a review on that day.
Photos are taken with my Antique phone, so abit LQ lorrr....

Hometown Hainan 
No 29, Jalan SS23/18. Taman SEA
 There are other branches at Puchong, Desa Petaling and Kota Damansara
Check out their Facebook Page

So let's start with the drinks...
Soy Bean Milk with Corn -- RM4.90
I didn't know why on earth did I order that drink. Well the soy milk taste nice laaa, but I was never really a big big fan of corn, so.....yea I just drank the soy milk only. Should have just ordered soy milk. =.=

But if you're a big fan of corn, then I guess u will like it.
It's a very cute combination after all. Very crunchy.

Iced Honey Lemon -- RM6.50
This is like me and my mom's favorite drink man.
Taste yummy, not too sour-ish but there's still the yummy lemon scent and taste. Love it.

Now, Food!!
Mommy ordered
Fried Kuay Teow -- RM 8.90
Highly recommended!!!
This one of their signature dish over there, many people ordered this.
The special thing about this kuay teow is that it has a very strong white pepper taste. Plus the kuay teow is well cooked, not to sticky or too dry. It's just "ngam ngam hou". and there's prawns, "si ham", tauge and etc...

Next, Daddy ordered
Nasi lemak with fried egg -- RM 6.90
Another signature dish.
Love Love LOVE the sambal. The sambal has this very fragrant smell of onion which I really liked. Plus it's not too spicy. We even asked for a second dish of sambal. The rice is also well cooked la, but the portion is kind of small. Yea my dad kept eating my fried rice after finishing this.

And finally,

Golden Fried Rice -- RM 8.90
I didn't really know what to order coz  my mom and dad ordered my fave dishes. So decided to try something new. This one is listed as recommendation in the menu. Well it's quite yummy laaaa.....but nothing special. Just rice and the mixed vege and the chicken. But the portion is quite big, that's why my dad keep "stealing" the rice to eat with the nasi lemak's sambal.

Anyways, the food here is consider good quality. Trust me, the fried kuay teow is super super yummy. Well the price might be slightly more expensive, but the place is a very good dining/yumcha spot. I ate their coffee's and toasts before, and they all taste good!! Plus there's also other reasons for why I love this place....

Magazines!!!! Yea there's a lot of magazines you can read. I could sit there for a whole afternoon just to read the magazines. There's also TV. Guess what, they were showing 8TV's Hokkien Series that day and my parents kinda glued their eyes to the screen and they enjoyed it so much LOL

and and AND, my fave part.....
Free PC use
Yeap, there's 4 PC terminals over there which u can use to go online, MSN and facebook.
But of course there's a time limit laaaa, if i'm not wrong, u can use it for half an hour. So yea, for people who wanna yumcha with friends and update their location and status, they could use the PC over here. Well If I had time, I could have finish a blog post in 30 minutes over there!!!

Yea, basically, I would recommend this place as a yumcha spot la. Their coffee taste better than "the other Town"'s coffee.... and the food here is definitely more worth it, That's why there's a lot of regular customers at this place. So if u just wanna yumcha and spend some time with your friends, this is the right place to sit back and relax. There's a wide range of drinks u can choose from, that's why you can choose according to your flavor and also according to the price lorrr.

Check out theie fb page for more details.

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