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Monday, July 04, 2011

College Life First Sem XP

Well, Sem 2 just officially started, and today is also the Orientation day for the July Intake Students.
All those memories from my 1st day in college just started clouding my mind when I saw them. This 2 months have been awesome to me, way way WAY better than I expected. So I'm just gonna share some of my treasured moments and treasured people that I had in this 2 months....

 This tag is not just for identification, it kind of reminds me that I am and always will be a part of this wonderful college :D
 But I still can't get over the fact that I look hideous in this tag. T.T

So, 2 months back, I was placed in the ALL-SCIENCE CLASS of March Intake...
S1103B (Beta)
I remember how fearful I was whenever I stepped into the class 'cause I don't really know all the people there. During the lectures (in d 1st week), I can tell you I spent 80% of my time thinking on how to make friends LOL. I don't really know how to talk to people. But lucky enough, my classmates are a whole bunch of friendly people. Within one week, I already have my lunch buddies and lab partners. :D
But it wasn't until 2 weeks later that I know everyone's name and talked to everyone of them. And one of the best way we communicate is actually through FB lol, basically all of us are facebook kaki's :D
Yea, so on fb, we talked about our lessons, home works, activities and stuffs and in fact our class have a fb group too :D
 1103 Beta-ians
The Work Hard Play Hard Species :D

Labs were always the best among lessons....
Especially bio, instead of partners, we work in groups of 6. People say double the number, double the fun, but now is TRIPLE!!! hehee.....

Let me introduce you my Bio Lab Partners...

Pretty Michelle and Super-Adorable JiaChee

Brandon aka Mr.Bra and JennWing aka Professor Wing

and also Pauline aka Lingling
(the owner of these photos)

 Awesome and Helpful Lab Partners.

Funny Moments :

 Immobilised Enzymes manufactured by us.
Pretty isn't it???

Cute Michelle XD

Chem Lab
Lab Partner JinYun and Lab Neighbours, Cynthia and Joseph.

 Flame Tests

Well basically, my classmates are just very awesome people. Though they are from very different background but still, I can really talk to everyone of them, it's kind of like 5BR. 
I have people that I can study with, people that I can "sam bat 38" with, people that I can sing with, people that I can lame with, people that I can joke with and also people that I can emo with. And everyone is very helpful and also co-operative, I will always remember how all of us prepared and surprised Cynthia to farewell her. :D

I love this photo, 'cause almost all my besties are here.... 

Cynthia's Farewell

Okay, classmates aside...
Let's see what other cool experience I have as an MCKL-ian

Best of the best.... Orientation Camp
Met awesome-squared people in this camp. I love my group members. I remember in my high school camps, after the camp I sort of like totally never talk to my group members anymore. But these teammates I have, they are really good friends where we still chat when we bump into each other in college. What I'm trying to say is, I'm not just meeting new people, but I'm making friendships with this people, friendship that will last. And of course, our group facilitators. They are the awesome-est leaders that not only leads the group, but also take care of us, support us and help us all the time. I really should learn from them.

hmm, what else??
Community Service
 Went to Wisma Harapan for almost every Friday to play with these people. Though they have Down Syndrome, but for some reason, I don't think they are ever down. Instead they are always cheerful and these people are the ones that will always warmly smile at you no matter who you are. Every time they laugh, I can't help but laugh too because I know they are really happy and that makes me happy. I thought this whole CS thing is gonna be nothing but boring, but actually, I learned a lot from this place...

 Wanna shout out to some friends over here...
 Miss Sheauwen
The No.1 representative of perasan queen and also 花痴女王
 Thanks for always walking with me to Sentral station.
Thanks for always making me laugh with your perasan-ness and over-hyper-ness.
Thanks for listening to my stories and also sharing your stories with me.
Honestly, I think you are one of a kind. No any other girl can be braver than u!!! Trust me :D

 Miss JinYun
My crazy but still damn smart lab partner.
Thanks for being such an awesome lab partner.
Thanks for always telling me your awesome lame jokes and funny pick-up lines.
and and most of all, thanks for always teaching me and explaining things that I don't understand.
Thanks to you, I'm able to become a work-hard-play-hard student and still score in exams.
I know you love me la, and I love u too hehehee....

Actually there's a lot more to talk about. But I just don't really know how to put it in words because it's a lot to share. Anyways, First Sem was awesome to me, and I'm POSITIVE that the coming sem will be even better.
Thanks to Pauline Chen for the photos.

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