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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sweet Dream that I have

hmm....well people who are close with me knows that I have this dream of becoming a Wedding Planner.
Yeap, it's just a dream, not really an ambition la... but for some reason, this dream was stronger than anything else that I wanted to do....
Went to The Curve last Sunday and went to MPH and there's this really cute section that sells a lot of those cute wedding stationary. My eyes totally brightened when I saw all the cute lil' invitations and ribbons and place cards....  got designs with teddy bears, elephants, roses etc etc etc.... It's just BEAUTIFUL!! <3

The place look something like this

Cute party favors

The Catalogue on a really pretty podium.
I was gonna take a Selca of myself reading the catalogue as if I'm the wedding officiant.
But I guess I was taking too much photos before, the MPH's guard came and started staring at me. Seriously, he was staring with the "You-better-don't-play-play" stare. So yea I left after that....

Cute Teddy Bear Invitations which I adored haha
In fact my "1st client" (u know who u are) wants a teddy bear themed wedding LOL 

Came back home and started looking through My Wedding Planner stuffs which I bought years ago.
And I started to remember How Crazy I was about Wedding Planning
The dream started after I witness a really sweet wedding ceremony of my relative's.
I started finding joy in all these wedding ceremonies. 
And I find every detail about a wedding very interesting.
So, to learn about all these.....
Yeaps, I saved money to buy all these wedding planning guides which was kind of a funny incident. Why?
Because when I was buying, people beside me started to stare at me. And I'm pretty sure what they are thinking, "Is this girl gonna get married?" "Why is she buying a wedding vendor directory?"
Mind you, I was 15, lima-belas tahun at that time!! There's not really a reason for a fifth teen year old girl to buy books like that, is there?? So yea, no wonder they are wondering LOL.

Yea tried to learn from all these books, from bridal fashion, to photography, to bridal shower, to wedding vows, wedding traditions etc etc ETC and trust me, my internet homepage during that time was
and I even thought of working part time in a bridal salon. I've already wrote down emails to the bridal boutiques but I didn't send them in the end LOL

Cousin's Wedding which I really enjoyed as a amateur photographer :D
LOL I always prayed that someone close to me will get married soon so that I could get to experiment hahahaa :D

Anyways....just a random post...
College is FINE i suppose
Piano Exam in ONE MONTH
my goodness I think I can die.

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