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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Time to Whine

I'm tired, Tired, TIRED, and super super TIRED!!!!
and now I'M SICK if things weren't bad enough....
On Tuesday, i can barely speak....
until now, my voice still sound very bad
Guess I have to give up taking part in our college's BBQ night performance
I'm praying for things to be better....
This week is like crazy man, have to do assignments, prepare presentation and tonnes of homeworks
Time is seriously never enough man....
and whenever I'm stress, I eat more
so yea don't be surprised if u see me get fatter and wonder "How on earth is she tired when she is sooo huge???" Coz gaining weight simply means I take in too much food to overcome stress hehe....
I wanna eat so many things now....

I seriously wanna eat kimchi NOW!!!
I kinda searched for the recipe.
Turns out it's not very hard, it's just the ingredients are kinda complicated and hard to find.
But I'll definitely try making it...
At the mean time, I'm bugging my mom to buy kimchi from Jusco.
I Miss ROJAK!!!
I know, rojak is like everywhere, but I really like the one that I usually eat, at some where near my secondary school. My Dad always "Da Pau" for me before fetching me from school. And I just couldn't wait but to start eating in the car. I end up spilling it and my dad will scold me LOL.

and and and....
Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang!!
ohmygosh.......I LOVE BEEF RENDANG!!!!!!

Did u realize all this food are actually spicy??
yea, that's the reason why I can't eat now....
haiz......i want food, more food and more more food :D

okay....this post is random enough hehe....

Okay, time to watch City Hunter!! XD

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